Gloria Burke


Gloria BurkeGloria Burke is currently Director of Knowledge & Collaboration Strategy and Governance, Unisys IT Applications. She is responsible for the development of the Unisys Knowledge and Collaboration strategic vision and road map. In addition, to this key position she also directs the implementation of the company’s Knowledge and Collaboration initiative, which focuses on exploiting social computing technologies to improve employee connection, knowledge sharing, repurposing and reuse and collaboration practices.

Gloria also holds the responsibility of managing and developing “Inside Unisys,” the company’s intranet environment that hosts its authoritative knowledge base and collaborative work spaces. In addition, Gloria serves as the Chairperson of the company’s Knowledge and Collaboration Advisory Council and Intranet Steering Committee. Prior to joining Unisys in 2009, she spent 15 years with Booz & Company (formerly Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.) as a Global Knowledge Manager, responsible for the strategy and development of the company’s global knowledge and collaboration platform and related business process applications. She has also worked with LifeRe Corporation as their Investor Relations Officer.

Gloria comes with 27 solid years of experience in administrative management, including M&A and regulatory compliance. She is a subject matter expert on Social Collaboration Strategy and Culture Transformation.

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