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Field Supervision of Parolees and Probationers Using Smart Technologies

A fundamental challenge for the justice system lies in harnessing data available through smart technology. Data must be accessed and mobile devices used in new ways, so that both better decisions are made and supervision times are more productive.

Posted by: Robert Sprecher on 09/26/14


Five Reasons Why ITSM Deployments Go Wrong

Organizations are often at a loss when they have to explain why their ITSM deployments went wrong despite of having the best tools and resources. This webcast describes key points of failure and how to overcome them when choosing and installing a new ITSM tool

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 09/24/14


I Just Got Off The Phone With My Cloud Broker And He Says…

What is a Cloud Broker and why should you consider one? A Cloud Broker is more than just a toolset for aggregation, automation and integration but also an in-line consultation to the cloud “as a service” models.

Posted by: Greg Fischer on 09/17/14


Banking on the Go: Security Face-off

Banks need a highly reliable customer-centric mobile security solution which is not just limited to a device. Find out more on the top two threats facing banks in the mobility space and how they can keep ahead of cyber-rookies.

Posted by: Darren McGrath on 09/12/14


Word of the Day: Social Engineer

Your computer systems can have the best technical security in place and still be compromised through that Achilles heel of the modern enterprise: humans.

Posted by: Dr. Glen E. Newton on 09/11/14


How to Architect the Right Service Delivery Team: Is there a marketer in the house?

When was the last time you asked a communications expert or marketer to join your team for a project? If you’re answer is never, you may want to look at your engagement metrics closer.

Posted by: Andrew Harsch on 09/11/14


3 Steps to Building Your Enterprise Cloud Practice

Get the essential steps needed to embrace a cloud strategy and move along your journey towards enabling IT as a Service.

Posted by: Colin Lacey on 09/9/14


Measuring the ROI of Social Business

Learn approaches for your organization to arrive at a truly holistic picture of ROI that is both quantitative and qualitative, and which measures employee adoption and interaction over time; thus addressing the social ROI conundrum.

Posted by: Sumeet Kumar Panda on 09/9/14


Three Key Steps to Sensitive Data Protection

Discover three key activities that need to be accomplished for an effective sensitive data protection strategy.

Posted by: Francis Ofungwu on 09/4/14


Service at the Speed of “X”: Defining Service-Oriented X

Moving IT and service support from one of reactionary and viewing employees as necessary evil to one that is really focused on clients and employees are clients.

Posted by: Andrew Harsch on 08/28/14

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