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Security, privacy, risk -- words designed to attain real trust. This blog covers the cyber world.
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Six disruptive trends are creating new opportunities for IT to deliver value to the business.
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Recent Posts


End User Bill of Rights: What Your Users Really Want from Enterprise Mobility

Your organization has embraced mobility. But does that guarantee the many returns that the whole world seems to be harping about?

Posted by: on 07/31/15


Thinking Security: What If?

This is the 5th blog post in a series about security and how security is about how you think. Now that we’ve started to look at the security mindset – how can we do better?

Posted by: on 07/22/15


Ensemble – A Smarter Way to Deliver Skype for Business

So how do you ensure that your Unified Communications solution meets the ROI objectives and at the same time delivers value to your employees, partners and customers?

Posted by: on 07/17/15


Part 2: Improved Border Security, Faster Border Clearance and Reduced Cost – “Choose Any Two”?

In Part 2 of our series on Improved Border Security, we discuss the benefits of using advanced targeting analytics.

Posted by: on 07/16/15


Between Defense and Recovery: The Growing Trend Toward Mitigation

Now is the time to rethink old security practices predicated upon keeping everyone out, and then recovering quickly after that fails. Leading executives are starting to look at mitigating strategies as a security best practice.

Posted by: on 07/14/15


Part 1: Improved Border Security, Faster Border Clearance and Reduced Cost – “Choose Any Two”?

How enabling technologies can help Australia meet enhanced security, faster border clearance and reduced cost.

Posted by: on 07/14/15


Thinking Security: How Secure Do I Want or Need to Be?

Understanding what security measures are required with computing systems and environments.

Posted by: on 07/7/15


Findings from the 2015 Unisys Security Insights Survey

The survey found that levels of concern about cybersecurity were high in certain U.S. industry sectors, particularly retail, government and telecom.

Posted by: on 06/30/15


How Do Wearables Fit in Your Enterprise?

Wearables offer promise to organizations in various industries looking to benefit in areas such as increased process efficiency, enhanced employee engagement and customer service, and improved worker safety in dangerous work conditions.

Posted by: on 06/24/15

Big data on blackboard

Unleashing the Power of Big Data Analytics

Listen to this podcast where we discuss both the potential and the steps to get started with Big Data Analytics with Dr. Rod Fonticiella, Chief Data Scientist at Unisys.

Posted by: on 06/19/15

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