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Predictive Monitoring – Increasing the Value Gain while Reducing Visibility Gap

End user experience monitoring provides exceptional insight into the health and performance of services in this blog by Phillipe Bovy, EMEA eSIAM practice lead.

Posted by: on October 25th, 2016


Your Organization’s Evolution and Survival in the Modern Digital Age

Your organization as well as your technology must evolve to be competitive in the new world of digital.

Posted by: on October 24th, 2016


Unisys Survey: How Outages are Affecting the Business

Infographic image from a recent IDC and Unisys cloud survey on the number of outages organizations are facing.

Posted by: on October 21st, 2016


The Customer is Still Always Right
European Voices

Technological innovations have transformed people's expectations of the customer experience. With just a few taps on the Uber mobile app, consumers can have a taxi collect them from wherever they are, watch it on the app head towards them and pay without needing cash.

Posted by: on October 21st, 2016


Unisys Partners with BBA for Annual International Banking Conference
European Voices

As headline partners, Unisys will be joining senior banking industry executives and thought leaders at the British Banking Associations’ flagship International Banking Conference. Register and talk to us about the issues shaping the industry over the coming years.

Posted by: on October 20th, 2016


Productivity as a Service: Leveraging Digital Workspaces to Unleash the “NextGen” Workforce

Organizations need to modernize the core set of applications and services that today's digital workers require.

Posted by: on October 19th, 2016


Why You Can’t Afford to Neglect ITAM

With all the buzz on moving to the cloud, one thing is being overlooked, everything is still an asset and needs to be properly recorded, tracked and costed.

Posted by: on October 17th, 2016


Unisys Survey: The Challenges of Digital

Infographic image of Unisys Cloud adoption survey results to going digital.

Posted by: on October 14th, 2016


The only certainty is uncertainty
European Voices

With the EU Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) having come into force recently, the financial services sector has reached the end of a period of regulatory change that began with the Mortgage Market Review and the fallout from the 2008 recession.

Posted by: on October 14th, 2016


Why Buy a New Tool for an Old Problem?

As you look to move to a new service management platform, make sure you have a plan.

Posted by: on October 13th, 2016

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