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Six disruptive trends are creating new opportunities for IT to deliver value to the business.
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Secure by Default

Customers expect a computer system to be accessible and usable in addition to being secure, and that leads to the tradeoffs that every business must make.

Posted by: Dr. Glen E. Newton on 04/24/14


Gaining Insight into Your Enterprise Social Network – A Use Case

Using Social Network Analytics to gain insight into opportunities for improvement of your enterprise social network. This is a case study of how Unisys is making improvements to their internal enterprise social network based on visualizations and analysis of their social network and activity.

Posted by: John Knab on 04/22/14


Transform Service Management to Meet Business and Consumer Expectations

Disruptive IT trends can be leveraged to evaluate your Service Management practices and solutions, and evolve them to provide more cost effective services and a competitive edge.

Posted by: Linda Welch on 04/22/14


Banking on Biometrics!

As financial transactions get more personalized and safer with biometrics, banks should start looking at a scalable identity and biometrics framework that integrates fingerprint, face, iris and signature for identification and verification.

Posted by: Terry Hartmann on 04/22/14


Storage-Ontwikkelingen Gaan Hard

Wat zijn de nieuwe storage technologieën? Hoe kan ik ze inzetten? En wat zijn de voor- en nadelen?

Posted by: Ruud Mulder on 04/17/14


Forget the Apps: Mobile-Powered Workflow Delivers Content Where and When You Need It

The disruptive IT trends driving use of mobile devices, new apps, and cloud storage are staff-empowering technologies embraced to help with this challenge. If not used properly these capabilities could jeopardize your ECM.

Posted by: Linda Welch on 04/15/14


The 2014 RSA Conference From A to Z

Over its 23-year history, the RSA conference in the USA has grown to become the largest gathering of security professionals in the world. In the spirit of sharing, learning, and securing, I offer here a few of the thought-provoking ideas from the conference.

Posted by: Dr. Glen E. Newton on 04/10/14


Rebooting Enterprise Content Management!

Banks across the globe are renewing their focus on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) programs as a strategic differentiator to optimize the value of information and cost.

Posted by: Robert Olson on 04/4/14


Improving Application Quality

Too many applications on which we as societies depend are not good enough: difficult to use, poor performance, insufficiently secure.What can be done to improve the quality of IT applications that form an increasingly important part of our lives? What research would be useful in pursuit of that goal?

Posted by: Peter Bye on 04/3/14


What to Look for When Choosing an Enterprise Cloud for SAP

“Enterprise-class” is defined by your agency’s requirements not the service provider. In simple terms, an enterprise cloud is one that meets your SAP performance requirements as it pertains to reliability and total cost of ownership. It’s that easy.

Posted by: Robert Palmer on 03/28/14

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