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Is Your IT Factory Operating at Peak Performance?

If your IT factory is not operating and peak performance levels, chances are your customers are not getting the services and service levels they expect and not at the cost goals you need.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 11/21/14


Creating a Service Oriented Strategy

Ashely Henderson discussing the importance of having a strong service strategy in place, understanding your customer needs, and the downsides to not engaging with your customer.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 11/21/14


Baby Steps to the Service Oriented Enterprise

One question commonly asked is “How do you instill a culture of proactive behaviors and new thinking within my organization?” Andrew Harsch offers a new way of thinking to create a "service oriented" enterprise.

Posted by: Andrew Harsch on 11/20/14


Let’s Shed Some Light on this Malware

With over 80% of the cell phone market using some level of Android operating system, Android phones are a particularly fertile ground for cyber-criminals. Dr. Newton offers some suggestions for protecting yourself from cellphone malware.

Posted by: Dr. Glen E. Newton on 11/20/14


Future of Banking: Refining the Digital Customer Experience

The growing use of digital channels for banking, particularly by Generations Y and Z, are compelling banks to rethink their customer service efforts. How can banks respond to changing customer expectations?

Posted by: Bharat Vijayaraghavan on 11/17/14


Data Center Security – Thinking Beyond Perimeter-based Defenses

It is clear that enterprises can now no longer rely on the traditional external defense mechanisms, and need to adopt a “defense-in-depth” approach coupled with innovative new approaches to securing their data centers.

Posted by: Premkrishnan Venkatasubramanian on 11/14/14


The Importance of Discovery to Service Management

In this webcast Rick Nelson talks about the importance of Discovery in creating a service oriented Service Management Framework, and explains how you can successfully overcome the challenges to implementing Discovery.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 11/13/14


Getting IT Asset Management Right

In this podcast Allen Crane talks about the need for strong integration between ITAM and ITSM in an enterprise, the key modules of a typical ITAM Solution and how enterprises can benefit by adopting ITAM.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 11/11/14


On Being Engineers

The production of software systems is frequently described as a branch of engineering yet the quality of too many applications is not good enough. What can we learn from other forms of engineering to improve quality of IT systems?

Posted by: Peter Bye on 11/10/14


Applied Innovation at Unisys

Paul Gleeson talks about the Unisys Applied Innovation Program and explains how other elements of the Client Experience Management Model are helping Unisys deliver innovation and service excellence to clients.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 11/7/14

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