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Service at the Speed of “X”: Defining Service-Oriented X

Moving IT and service support from one of reactionary and viewing employees as necessary evil to one that is really focused on clients and employees are clients.

Posted by: Andrew Harsch on 08/28/14


Federal Data Center Optimization: Data Center Infrastructure Management

Federal agencies have been mandated to consolidate data centers and take a “cloud first” approach to workload placement. Meanwhile, budget constraints are driving the need for more efficient data centers. To meet mandates and drive efficiencies, accurate and detailed IT asset and infrastructure information is required.

Posted by: Kevin McCarthy on 08/27/14


Get the Conversation Flowing!

Social media is integral to the lives of customers and banks can no longer afford to stay away from it. This blog highlights how banks can wield social technologies to their advantage.

Posted by: Bharat Vijayaraghavan on 08/22/14


iOS 8 CloudKit – A Game Changer

iOS 8 - CloudKit contains a new storage extension protocol. Understand how it will be a game changer in how we manage content.

Posted by: Carl Grzybowski on 08/21/14


Modernizing Your ITSM Core

For many organizations, upgrading their ITSM systems is an endless struggle. But given the changing needs of the modern workplace, holding back on upgrades is no longer a viable option.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 08/21/14


Maximize IT Value with Cloud Computing

As one of the biggest IT disruptive trends, cloud computing is part of almost every IT conversation. With a hyper growth rate forecasted by most major publications and researchers, the key question is ‘are you executing your strategy to get the most of your cloud investments?'

Posted by: Linda Welch on 08/20/14


Survey Points to Security Concerns over SCADA/Industrial Control Systems

A recent survey reveals 78 percent of respondents believe that a successful attack on their SCADA/ICS systems is at least somewhat likely within the next 24 months. Find out several things these organizations can do to improve the situation without giving up all the cost savings.

Posted by: Dave Frymier on 08/19/14


Mind the Gap. Tips for Bridging Service Management Expectation and Reality

Few IT managers understand that there is a veritable service gap with regard to service management. And fewer still know what causes it and how to bridge it. Closing the gap starts by merging the right people and roles into teams and combining this team with a strong process that provides project and initiative clarity.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 08/19/14


Context-based Personas for Security and User-experience

Trends show context-aware security, as well as context-enabled user-experience, will increasingly be used in the area of mobile services. It is now the time to think about and discuss its possibilities and to see where it can provide business benefits within your mobile strategy.

Posted by: Dennis Kosse on 08/15/14


Cybersecurity Strategy Series — Part 3: The Roadmap Towards a Cyber-resilient Organisation

Cyber-resilience does not come for free, nor can be purchased as an out-of-the-box product. Part three of our series explores how to set the road-map towards a cyber-resilient organization.

Posted by: Roberto Tavano on 08/15/14

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