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Creating a More Service-Aware Organization

Unisys CTO Dan Huberty provides a deeper dive into the area of delivering services in part two of a two-part interview.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 01/22/15


Improving Service Performance with Dan Huberty, Unisys CTO

Unisys CTO Dan Huberty discusses how to improve system performance in part one of a two-part interview.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 01/20/15


6 Ways to Increase Performance and Productivity Now

The largest asset to any organization is also its largest expense, people. And within IT organizations, it is no exception. So since people, and not technology, complete the projects, isn’t it logical to continuously look for ways to standardize and improve how your staff works?

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 01/19/15


Prevention, Detection and Response: The First Line of Defense

Preventing hackers from getting in is a big challenge for financial institutions, and allocation between prevention, detection and response is critical.

Posted by: Stephen McCarney on 01/15/15


The 2015 Technology Trends Hotlist

End user experience is the catalyst behind a whole gamut of technology trends which come together to redefine the topography of enterprise IT. So, what exactly are the key trends to watch out for in 2015?

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 01/9/15


If You Can’t Beat Them Join them – Being Social with ITSM

Social technologies are integral to modern workspaces and your IT department will be well-served by harnessing the capabilities they bring. So how exactly can ‘social’ add value to your ITSM processes? How can you better meet the expectations of your users by leveraging social technologies?

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 12/31/14


BYOD: How to Achieve a Win-Win for Employee and Enterprise

Learn an approach that addresses the BYOD concerns of both enterprise and employee and can provide a win-win solution.

Posted by: Premkrishnan Venkatasubramanian on 12/23/14


The Importance of Education to Successful ITSM

This webcast by Prithvi Gummi discusses the importance of a strong tool education program to have successful ITSM implementation.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 12/22/14


Getting the Most From Your ITSM Investment

In this webcast Renee Casanova talks about the challenges of implementing a modern service management framework, and how a focused partner can help you gain control and oversight of your business.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 12/22/14


Setting the Social Business Strategy: How to Begin Your Social Business Transformation Successfully

Social business implementations are complex, multi-year, enterprise undertakings. By following a holistic and structured approach to developing your strategy, you can greatly increase your chances to succeed.

Posted by: K Andrew Lee on 12/18/14

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