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The Mobile App Dev Dream Team: Diverse Personalities Are Key

To be successful with this two-speed methodology in the area of mobile application development requires a diverse set of people with complementary strengths.

Posted by: Weston Morris on 05/21/15


Achieving the Impossible

Many believed it simply could not be done, but Unisys never wavered from the commitment to meet or exceed CMOS class performance "on all products" by 2015. We had a vision and we are now delivering it.

Posted by: Ann Thureen on 05/20/15


Continuous Compliance…Moving Beyond a Checklist Mentality

Often, people incorrectly view governance and compliance as a static checklist set of activities, that when completed, signify that an organization has successfully guaranteed its present and future security.

Posted by: Jeffrey Johnson on 05/14/15


Using ITSM Kaizen to Improve Service Delivery

ITSM Kaizen, which leverages a philosophy of continuous improvement, offers a five-step approach that lets you move forward with confidence as you enhance your service-management capability. This includes:

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 05/14/15


Shadow IT Goes Mainstream

For years, CIOs have been warning over the inherent risks associated with shadow IT; however, by bringing shadow IT into the open, there can also be a value-add for businesses.

Posted by: Colin Lacey on 05/6/15


Public Cloud Security: Completing the Jigsaw

Find out how enterprises can now leverage platforms such as AWS to host even their mission-critical business applications, and achieve significant savings on capital expenditure, without fear of introducing a new vector for threats and breaches.

Posted by: Premkrishnan Venkatasubramanian on 05/6/15


Look, We Don’t Catch the Smart Ones

At this year's RSA Conference the Cryptographers' Panel was all but boring. Get a recap of this lively conversation centered on an NSA-sponsored proposal to require “backdoors” or “skeleton keys” to be placed in technology products that feature strong encryption so that law enforcement can perform the digital equivalent of wiretapping.

Posted by: Dave Frymier on 05/6/15


A 5-Step Plan to Do ITSM Right

The goal of service management is to achieve certain outcomes as opposed to showcasing features in new tools.Tools are powerful, particularly when used by knowledgeable teams and with the proper data, but the emphasis should be to focus first on people and the importance of data.

Posted by: Andrew Harsch on 05/4/15


An Upbeat Mood: Impressions of the 2015 RSA Conference

Unisys CISO Dave Frymier shares his general impressions and outlines the major themes he observed at last week's RSA Conference.

Posted by: Dave Frymier on 04/29/15


Mobile Application Management Fulfillment: Chartering New Workflow Pathways

Mobility is fundamentally changing the traditional application development and deployment methodology. Establishing a holistic app management framework will help ensure all apps within an enterprise can be assigned, configured, secured, managed, and interoperable.

Posted by: Carl Grzybowski on 04/29/15

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