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The Mobile Trendsetters Guide to Developing a Mobile Strategy

Find out the three key elements to develop a winning mobile strategy to keep up with the Mobile Trendsetters.

Posted by: Darren McGrath on 07/30/14


Law Enforcement and Justice, Part Two: The Impact of Technology on 21st Century Policing

Responding to the challenges of 21st century policing requires law enforcement officers to have a clear sense of direction, resilience, and the ability to inspire and motivate teams through change; and this change can be facilitated by technological innovation.

Posted by: John Wright on 07/30/14


The Transformation of Service Management

IT departments are challenged by the plethora of consumer-grade technologies that are being brought into the workplace. This podcast addresses the impact of cataclysmic trends on ITSM and how you can survive them.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 07/25/14


Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance (eGRC) – Managing Risk in the Enterprise Effectively and Efficiently

Understand the challenges facing organizations today, the advantages of a sound Governance, Risk, and Compliance program and ways to leverage eGRC tools to gain operational effectiveness and efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Posted by: Charles Ugalde on 07/24/14


Need for Speed: Banking on Faster Payments!

What is one major industry initiative that will impact mobile payments, easy-to-use banking applications, and money transfer that is set to reshape the future of the mobile banking industry? The answer is faster payments.

Posted by: Robert Olson on 07/23/14


Cyberwar of the Worlds

A bustling newsroom, shouted directives are barely audible over the commotion. The room quiets as the local news anchor takes his seat behind the rich mahogany newsdesk and the countdown to live begins ...

Posted by: Adam Gallagher on 07/23/14


Managing Your Most Important Asset; People Computing by Unisys

People are shaping the transformation of the computer evolution. They require a next-generation IT environment to empower productivity and innovation. But aligning technology to end-users to help them perform at their maximum potential takes a unique approach.

Posted by: ITSM Editor on 07/17/14


Accelerate Your Digital Business Through API Managment and SOA Principles

New business paradigms evolving from the convergence of social networks, mobile computing, analytics and cloud computing (SMAC) forces are blurring the physical and digital worlds creating new opportunities and business models through digital business. Linda Welch highlights the value of API management in the new digital business paradigm.

Posted by: Linda Welch on 07/16/14


Trust, but Verify

Each time you upgrade your ClearPath hardware or software, you demonstrate your trust of Unisys. Our newest ClearPath platforms continue the evolution of the Dorado and Libra lines while protecting your investment in applications, IT architectures, business processes, and policies. We look forward to having you verify that the new systems meet all your expectations.

Posted by: Dr. Glen E. Newton on 07/16/14


In the Eye of the Beholder: The Ideal Future of IT Service Management

Andrew Harsch offers a perspective on what the ideal state should look like from a service management perspective.

Posted by: Andrew Harsch on 07/15/14

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