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End of Support Windows 2003 – Moving to Azure Cloud

With less than three months to the End of Support (EOS) for Windows 2003, companies that haven’t developed migration plans need to recognize the consequences of inaction and start on a course of action immediately.

Posted by: Kesavamurthy Nagaraj on 04/24/15


Will Regulators Disrupt Mobility’s Disruptions?

Tech moves fast. Regulators, as a rule, do not. In one area after another we are seeing – or should expect to see – regulators metaphorically putting up the yellow flag.

Posted by: Robert Olson on 04/22/15


The Power of Information; Big Data Analytics for ITSM

Unisys Big Data Analytics service offerings can expand both the power of ITSM as well as create an internal "data as a service" capabilities for clients.

Posted by: Andrew Harsch on 04/16/15


Three Use Cases for BYOD in Public Sector

Is there a place for BYOD in the Public Sector? In this blog post we look at three distinct use cases for BYOD, each with their own security concerns and techniques to address those security concerns.

Posted by: Weston Morris on 04/14/15


Thinking Security: How Do I KNOW that I’m Secure?

In order to think about security, we’ve got to think about what we’re really trying to accomplish. How do we answer the million-dollar question “How do I know that I’m secure?”

Posted by: Michael Kain on 04/14/15


No Time to Think Differently – It’s Time to Move: Speed is Everything When It Comes to Security

Speed is everything when it comes to security. While the saturated security market makes it challenging for organizations to confidently know what next steps to take and what truly innovative security technologies and tools to depend on, now is the time to choose your partners wisely – and move.

Posted by: Stephen McCarney on 04/10/15


Social Listening Beyond Marketing: Engage with Customers using a Social CRM Process for Managing Social Customer Care

How to engage with customers using a social CRM process for managing social customer care.

Posted by: John Knab and Andrea Morin on 04/9/15


Container Technologies – Just Pack Up What You Need

What if we could stuff everything we need into a container for software development, testing and production phases of the application lifecycle? We have the ability to combine “just what you need” containers for any process run on a computer with a secure and svelte runtime engine infrastructure.

Posted by: Greg Fischer on 04/3/15


Banking Industry on the Creative Cusp

Banks are on the verge of a technological breakthrough, leading to a great opportunity for innovative vendors to provide creative, transformational support to banking's digital business model.

Posted by: Robert Olson on 04/3/15


What *Really* is Security, Anyway?

The term “security” is too broad to describe what it really means. It’s really the way that you think about a certain problem or idea. It’s a thought process which starts at the beginning and never ends.

Posted by: Michael Kain on 04/1/15

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