Introduction to Personas: It’s About the People

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Let’s face it: The day of the one-size-fits-all model for end user services is over. Some roles within the organization can have a big impact on corporate revenue, security, compliance and other roles less so. So, why should all roles receive the same level of support, get the same standard device or have the same security model?

They shouldn’t.

The end users have known this for a while. In fact, that is what is behind the BYOD movement, the drive to use social media tools inside the workplace and the use of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools.

Unisys believes that the key to effective planning for end user services is to start with People, rather than Technology by means of Personas. This approach avoids two extremes:

  1. By mapping employees to Personas to determine what services, support, security and devices they need to be productive, we eliminate the One-Size-Fits-All model (which has led to user dissatisfaction and poor productivity).
  2. Careful use of Personas also prevents us from responding blindly to every end user request (which creates complexity and overspend).

This balance can be best achieved by IT working with the business to answer three simple questions about our end users:

  • What do I do? Identify the roles, activities, KPIs, work patterns and locations of those workers.
  • What do I need? Which groups need mobility, remote data access, higher levels of security, connectivity and collaboration?
  • What do I expect? Identify the emotional profile and attitudes towards technology and service expectations of each group.

With the answer to these questions, Unisys helps clients identify the core Personas in their organization and then defines optimal device type, support, services and security required to meet the needs of these Personas.

Unisys has identified eleven key Personas that, in our experience, cover the majority of business roles across a range of industries (public sector, financial, transportation, manufacturing, retail, life sciences, etc.) To get a feel for how these Personas really work, subsequent blogs provide a “Day in the Life” of several of these Personas. These all take place sometime during the next 12 months. Check back here to find the link to the next Persona blog as it is published:

For more information, see this link for a whitepaper on how Unisys can help you with its Personas Advisory Services.

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