Introducing Unisys InteliServe™

Workspace2 minutes readMay 8th, 2018

We all know that end users have grown accustomed to the freedom and productivity that technology provides. They’ve also grown frustrated with the inability of their organizations to deliver service desk support that keeps pace with their work. They demand support services that go beyond next-generation models to gain efficiency, drive continuous innovation and increase overall end-user satisfaction—without compromising control, compliance or security.

Along with the transformation of the traditional workplace, so must go the traditional service desk and its cumbersome and archaic capabilities that frustrate your end users, hinder their productivity and continue to drive up operating costs, while bringing down user satisfaction. No more calling a toll-free number with a litany of menu items. No more being put on hold or transferred from one agent to another to restate the issue repeatedly. No more waiting for email responses that never arrive. Innovation is an imperative but no one size fits all.

Beyond the Next-Generation Service Desk
Unisys InteliServe™ is a single-point-of-engagement support service powered by automation, enhanced by advanced analytics, secured by biometric authentication and delivered by expert Unisys virtual and live agents. InteliServe delivers a user-centric experience that aligns with your digital workplace. InteliServe offers flexible access to consistent service that end users control—when, how and where they need it. Based on the InteliServe platform, the service provides a single point of engagement to an omnichannel experience that seamlessly connects the user across all channels—phone, email, web, video, chat, portal, mobile and social.

The InteliServe platform is powered by automation and artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA) and workforce optimization, and can integrate with Unisys biometric authentication technologies. The contact center provides intelligent, simplified and personalized support—by virtual or human agent. The InteliServe platform also offers the flexibility to integrate with IT service management (ITSM) service tools such as the ServiceNow enterprise cloud.

InteliServe – service desk innovation that fits your organization. Driving an intelligent user-centric support service that’s aligned with the digital workplace.

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