A Day in the Life of the “Road Warrior” Persona

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Profile: As we look in on a day in the life of Keiko, a sales rep in Tokyo, we’ll learn how her company’s use of the Road Warrior Persona keeps her productive as she deals with technology issues away from the office.

It is about 3:00pm in Tokyo and Keiko is having trouble on her Windows 10 laptop submitting two important deals she closed earlier that morning. The sales need to be submitted by 6:00pm so that her clients can receive their shipments by end of day tomorrow. However, she gets an error each time she tries to complete the sale. Immediately she contacts the service desk hotline where a Priority 3 ticket is created. Keiko doesn’t have much hope that this will be resolved by her midnight deadline.

What Keiko doesn’t know is that the company’s automated End User Experience Management system is automatically monitoring all the laptops in use by the sales team globally and has detected 5… then 12… then 22 more sales people in Asia who are all having this same problem. Even though only a handful of sales people have actually reported the problem to the service desk, the EUEM system sees the real scope of the problem and automatically escalates this to a Priority 1 ticket and engages the Analytics Center of Excellence. The COE uses the Analytics Engine to proactively determine the cause of the sales application’s failure. What is in common with these users? Did they all receive a patch recently? Are they using the same type of device? OS? App version? Are they all on the same subnet? Is there a problem with the back office app in the data center?

The COE drills down into one of the salesperson’s laptops and look at CPU usage, memory consumption, disk space, I/O. Before long, they identify the culprit – an unknown DLL that is behaving strangely. Yet, the anti-virus engine has not flagged it. Could it be a zero-day exploit? The COE works with the Security team and their anti-virus vendor to examine the DLL. They determine that it is, indeed, a previously undetected virus and create a package to safely remove the virus.

The security team deploys this to all the laptops that the EUEM system detected as having the problem, but suspect that this virus may be on other machines as well. A scan of all employees in the Road Warrior Persona reveals that this virus is on nearly every salesperson’s laptop, including those in Europe and the Americas.  Keiko’s sales colleagues throughout the world were also potentially going to have this same problem. However, they were all patched well before they even knew that they had a problem.

At this point, we move from simply being proactive to predictively resolving issues before they happen.

The COE’s work is not done, however, a quick knowledge article is sent to the service desk documenting the issue and fix in case any sales people fail to get the automated patch in time.

Meanwhile, Keiko, unaware that all of this is happening, simply receives a notification from the service desk that her problem is resolved. She happily logs into her sales application and submits the sales, well before her 6:00pm deadline. She is happy that her company gives her the service and support she needs to remain productive and secure.

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