A Day in the Life of the “Retail” Persona

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Profile: As we look in on a day in the life of Rodney and his team, a group of employees working in one of the company’s 30 retail stores in Australia, we’ll learn how his company’s use of the Retail Persona gives them the exact technology and support they need to keep sales in his store humming.

Rodney starts the day after arriving at the store retrieving his dedicated Window to Go stick PC out of the locker ready for the working day. A quick scan of the team calendar displayed on the interactive video panel in the staff room, lets Rodney know who is working today – whether they are at the sales station, in the stockroom, shop floor or elsewhere. Rodney notices a colleague, Chloe, en route to the stock room with a bar code scanning handset in her hand – ready for stock inventory and price checks due during the day. Chloe says hello to Lucas, who is on his way to one of the sales stations.

At the workstation on the shop floor, Rodney inserts his Windows to Go stick into the monitor and after a quick biometric authentication, Rodney is presented with a desktop PC detailing stock assignments for completion.  The workflow application for the inventory system prevents any duplicate assignments of the activities, as well as ensuring that for high-value items, a follow-up check is performed independently by other staff within specified timeframes.

Meanwhile, Chloe notes an intermittent connectivity problem with her bar code scanning device and logs into the VantagePoint service portal to register a service request to replace the device. Within 30 seconds, the request is logged and the automated workflow ensures that her service request will result in Chloe receiving a replacement scanner in her hands by noon later that day.

A mid-morning spike in customers making purchases is detected by the sales system, notifying Lucas to help out. He grabs a Windows 10 Surface Pro tablet which is equipped with an ePOS application to allow card or electronic payments from anywhere in the store. In short order Lucas is assisting with the sales backlog.

Returning to the shop floor, we see Rodney is working in a different section of the shop. He carries his Windows to Go stick PC with him and inserts the stick into the monitor where he is presented with a desktop that identifies his afternoon workload.

Chloe oversees the automatic inventorying of new merchandise that arrived earlier that morning. The workflow application also ensures that layout of the store can accept the new merchandise and maximises the retail space to the sales plan.

Receiving an online notification, Rodney realises it is time to do a weekly touchpoint with his stock controller team at the Head Office in order to plan the delivery schedule for the rest of the week.  Using Skype for Business via a headset on the Windows to Go PC, Rodney discusses sales and stock levels, including an adjusted forecast for some of the faster selling items. The revised delivery schedule will be effective immediately and tomorrow’s delivery will ensure the stockholding in the store matches the demand.

Another day is over, but not before Lucas requests printer consumables via the VantagePoint portal. Once the request is submitted, Rodney receives an automated notification to collect the consumables from the Unisys Tech Café, where there is a regular stock for common devices.

All workflow tasks complete and actioned, Rodney removes the Windows to Go stick PC from the monitor, and leaves the shop floor to return the device to the locker. Collecting his personal belongings, he logs out of the shift via the interactive touch screen and via biometric security exits the building to head for home.

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