A Day in the Life of the “Project” Persona

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Profile: As we look in on a day in the life of João and his team of contractors, working on a DevOps project in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, we’ll learn how his company’s use of the Project Persona for its contract workers gives his team the exact technology and support they need to keep corporate intellectual property safe at the lowest cost.

João just received approval to kick off a 6 person software development team in his office in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The project will mobile-enable the company’s life sciences sales personnel globally. This means that the contractor programmers will have access to key corporate intellectual property. In the past, João’s company would provide a corporate laptop to each programmer configured with the mobile application development tools as well as access to the corporate source file management repository. He realizes that this creates some risk for his company as the programmers could easily copy the files that they were working on from their laptops. At one time he even tried gluing the USB ports to prevent file copies on the contractor’s laptops.

But these days, João breathes much easier. Instead of providing a corporate laptop to each contractor, João simply makes a request in his VantagePoint portal to provision high power virtual desktops for each of the contractors. The automated provisioning process works with his company’s Service Management system to handle approval, updates to the asset database, setting up identities for the new contractors in the Company’s Active Directory, provisioning a dedicated virtual desktop for each of the contractors and sending them a notification that their desktops are ready when they start work. This is all part of the Workspace Services that his company is using to support each Persona.

Each contractor already has his/her own laptop provided for them by their contracting company and when they start work, they are productive in less than an hour as they install the virtual desktop remote access software on their laptops and then connect to the virtual desktop provisioned by João for them the day before. Each contractor also receives access to the company’s virtual service desk where they can find self-support for most of the problems that they may run into. In the rare case that they need more detailed support, the artificially intelligent virtual service desk agent connects them with the next level of support.

João knows that this is far more secure than the way his company used to do things as all of his company’s intellectual property – the source files that each contractor is working on – remains in the company’s data center, not on the contractor’s laptop.

By mid-morning all of his new contractors are busy working on the mobile enablement software project. João notes to himself that this use of the Project Persona provides a much lower cost to his company while being more productive and more secure.

To compare how João’s Project Persona experience differs from other Personas in his company, click on the following:

For more information, see this link for a whitepaper on how Unisys can help you with its Personas Advisory Services.

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