A Day in the Life of the “Executive” Persona

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Profile: As we look in on the day in the life of Emily, the Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning at her marketing company, we’ll see how her company’s use of the Executive Persona keeps her productive and secure.

It’s Sunday morning in New York City. Emily and her team have been working diligently over the past few weeks on this year’s Strategic Plan, which she will present this week to her peers at global headquarters in London, UK.

As Emily is packing for her afternoon flight to London, She receives an audio reminder from Cortana that her final review of the draft Strategic Plan will begin with her team in 5 minutes. Emily uses the speech recognition feature of Windows 10 to confirm her day’s agenda after using facial recognition and her PIN to authenticate to the corporate VPN. In reviewing the meeting agenda, Emily realizes she did not complete her action to pull the latest financial outlook on their competitors for the call.  Luckily, she’s trained Cortana to collect this information for her and only needs to check her mobile for the results.

The meeting is underway as Emily uses her Windows 10 phone to join the call using Skype for Business. During the meeting, Emily presents one of the articles she came across from Cortana’s search regarding a competitor’s approach to market analysis; she believes it will be useful for comparative analysis.  Using Microsoft Edge Markup, Emily saved a version of the webpage containing the article along with notes she made directly to the webpage using her hybrid tablet’s touch screen.  The team agrees that the information is relevant and should be included. They’ll add a draft of the slide to the latest version of the presentation, and post it on Emily’s OneDrive for Business folder before she boards the plane this afternoon. She needs to continue to work on the presentation during the flight and she is confident she’ll be productive despite the fact that this flight does not have Wi-Fi service (gasp!).

Emily admits that her organization’s implementation and use of OneDrive for Business, has made collaborating so much easier.  Being able to access information across all of her devices as well as share documents with others is a necessary tool to continue to remain productive especially across time zones.  In this instance, it will give the team the ability to work on the presentation up to the very last minute.

At 3pm, Cortana, reminds Emily to bring her passport and that with traffic, she should leave in 15 minutes in order to reach the airport by 4pm for her international Flight to Heathrow, London.  A month ago, after receiving her Windows 10 phone and Laptop, Emily was surprised to learn that she could have Cortana remind her of such things. Now she is not sure how she ever survived without her intelligent personal assistant that can do so much.  After grabbing her passport, Emily makes some last minute arrangements and heads out to the airport.

It’s now 6pm and as Emily waits to boards the plane, she confirms that the latest version of the presentation is accessible offline. OneDrive for Business synchronization has completed successfully allowing her to review the presentation while in flight.  Once seated, she asks Cortana to have her favorite Starbucks latte waiting for her when she lands in Heathrow, before switching to airplane-mode.

We leave Emily now who is comfortably on her flight, eating dinner as she continues to work on her presentation.  Thus far, we can see that Emily’s “Executive” Persona affords her the tools and resources she requires to stay in contact with the information and people she needs; anytime, anywhere and in any time zone.

We’ll check in on Emily in Day 2 that follows…

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