A Day in the Life of the “Executive” Persona (Day 2)

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Profile: As we continue to follow Emily, the Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning at her marketing company, we’ll see how her company’s use of the Executive Persona keeps her productive when things break in the night.

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It’s 7am GMT and Emily has safely arrived at Heathrow International Airport.  As she waits for her luggage, Emily sips on the latte that she requested Cortana to order for her automatically the day before. She is worried that she’ll be late for her final review of the marketing strategy presentation scheduled with a fellow VP for 9:30am – but Cortana notifies her that her driver has already arrived and is waiting for her just outside of baggage claim.

On the drive to London, Emily takes care of some email on her Windows 10 phone.  The EMEA Marketing VP has requested some information that he hopes Emily can provide before close of business today. She asks Cortana to remind her of this request in 4 hours.  With her Executive Persona solution, Emily is confident she has the business tools and corporate access she needs to meet this request even though she is nearly 6,000 km from her office.

Emily checks her voice mail and is notified by the Product Launch Manager that he hasn’t received the materials that were due last Friday, reminding her that the product launch is next Monday. Since, it’s too early to contact someone from her team back in New York, she makes an international call via Skype for Business, and leaves a voice mail for her assistant, providing detailed instructions on where to find markups on her desk and to scan and email the copies to the Product Manager.

Before she knows it, Emily has arrived at the hotel. As the driver unloads her luggage, she realizes in horror, that she cannot find her laptop!!!  Thinking back she remembers slipping it into the pocket on the side of the chair, leaving it on the airplane.  She quickly calls the airline to report her lost laptop, leaving it in their hands to locate it and get back to her.  In the past, when Emily lost a piece of equipment, she would call her assistant to have him request a new one.   However, since the company has implemented Persona Services that enable a Digital Workspace, executives like her can now request replacement devices and other services using an online service catalog.  The Virtual Service Desk’s artificially intelligent agent has access to her support call history and understands her emotional profile, including how Emily likes to consume support – that resolutions to problems should happen quickly and automatically.

The virtual agent immediately understands the seriousness of the situation and initiates the process to “brick” the lost device – completely disabling the laptop and the hard drive – rendering it unusable and all the contents completely secured. After a few quick questions, the Virtual Agent initiates the automated process to have a replacement laptop provisioned with Emily’s necessary apps and ready for drop-off at global headquarters.  Cortana will remind her to pick up the new laptop when it is ready later this afternoon.

Its 9:15am and the immediate crisis of Emily’s laptop is behind her.  Cortana reminds her of the presentation review she has with a fellow VP, Nigel that starts in 15 minutes. Without her laptop, Emily wonders if they can have a true walk through but she remembers the capabilities of her Windows 10 phone and quickly erases the thought.  Via her phone, Emily has access to the presentation on OneDrive for Business, access to the Universal PowerPoint app and with Bluetooth capabilities, can project the presentation to the interactive whiteboard in the hotel’s conference room.

Emily fires up the presentation and is ready to go.  The Universal version of the PowerPoint app provides full featured editing capabilities and Emily really appreciates the dynamic slide animations. Nigel loves the direction that Emily and her team have taken on this project.  Emily uses the comments feature to document additional input from Nigel.  She saves the new version on OneDrive, and dictates an email to her assistant via Cortana to update the next meeting agenda to discuss Nigel’s input.

It’s 1pm as Emily reaches global headquarters.  As part of her Executive Persona support, she is able to use her thumbprint as part of the two-factor security access to corporate offices. To access the lifts, she swipes her corporate ID card and places her thumb on the scanner. Heading to the 3rd floor, she checks Cortana for the room number of her temporary office; she booked the space through the Virtual Agent last week.

Emily reaches her office and is settling in when Cortana notifies her that someone from Field Services will be at her office in 10 minutes to drop off her replacement laptop.  The field tech arrives with a brand new Windows 10 laptop and Emily breathes a sigh of relief.  Although the tech waits around to make sure everything is okay, she is not needed. After logging in, her profile and settings are loaded from the cloud, her files begin syncing from OneDrive and it is as if she never lost her laptop. Since her company has transitioned to the Digital Workspace with its Follow-Me-Data and Follow-Me-Apps capabilities, Emily is no longer tied to a device or worried that files, settings and applications are lost or unavailable. Even the picture of her family’s visit to Seattle last summer appears as her desktop background once again.

Moments later, Cortana reminds Emily of the EMEA Marketing VP’s earlier request that she send him the resource data before COB today.  Emily thinks this is a great time to confirm her tools and access to confidential information is still in place.  Emily fires up the app, connects to the corporate network using Unisys Stealth, and as expected, she is able to securely access this highly sensitive data.  Smiling, she puts together the resource report for the Marketing VP and sends it off to him through the micro-segmented Stealth network.

It’s 7:30pm when Emily leaves the London office and heads back to the hotel for a business dinner with the regional leads.  In the car, Emily reflects back on her day.  She realizes how productive it was; how she avoided disaster when she left her laptop on the plane; how she was still able to continue her business activities using her Windows 10 phone;  and with the personalized service of the Executive Persona, her laptop replacement was in her hands before the end of the day with no loss of data.  In short, she experienced no down time or loss in productivity, a modern miracle that Emily has come to expect in this world of Persona-based services.

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