Weston Morris

Weston Morris hi-res

Weston Morris leads the architecture for Unisys End User Services. Previous roles at Unisys include Chief Architect for the Microsoft Strategic Programs Office; Manager of the Microsoft HPC (Western Region), Solution Architect for several Unisys clients; and Sr. Engineer in Technology Products Research and Development. He has more than 25 years of systems analysis, design, integration, and software development experience.

Weston has been awarded three patents for technology that securely images half of the world’s checks – 30 billion transactions per year.

As Chief Portfolio Architect, Weston is currently responsible for architecting end user services offerings that are delivered to Unisys clients around the world. His current focus is on desktop virtualization, mobility, PC asset management, and end-user experience management.

Weston has been with Unisys since 1988 and has been an integral leader within the company, having delivered strategic systems on both Microsoft .NET and J2EE platforms for global clients, such as the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, RDW (Netherland Department of Road Transport), the Federal Reserve System, Unilever, and the State of Michigan Bureau of Worker’s Unemployment Compensation. He has also been recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valued Professional for seven years.

Weston holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of Central Florida.


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