Unisys – Securing Your Tomorrow: View from Chief Trust Officer Tom Patterson

Trust3 minutes readNov 16th, 2016

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Four powerful words that totally capture why we work here at Unisys, and how our critically important security teams factor in.


Unisys: A global technology company with a rich history that has always put security first as we deliver client solutions. Our operating systems are still the only ones never hacked, which is important because our clients historically used our technology to fly planes safely, connect world leaders in times of crisis, and deliver de facto standards like the GIF image and virtual memory. Today, clients are using Unisys products to run and secure trillions of critical transactions related to everything from banking to air travel to border protection to citizen services.

Securing: Unisys has always led with security as the enabler, and still does. We deliver unbroken ClearPath Forward virtual environments and critically important Stealth micro-segmentation capabilities that work in today’s extended enterprises—from data centers to public clouds to private mobiles, and every industrial control system and Internet of Things device in between. Because we understand business as well as security, we built analytics and intelligence into our code, so that it does not take an army of security personnel and a truckload of money to make it work. We’re continuing to break new ground by adding behavioral biometrics to the leading physical biometric capabilities of our Stealth(identity) product. My recent appointment as our first Chief Trust Officer further demonstrates our continued commitment to lead with security in everything we do.

Your: Solutions. Efficiency. Insight. Trust. It’s all about our clients, and these are the words they focus on and exactly what Unisys delivers. In order for enterprises to thrive tomorrow, they need to be ready today. They tell us that their business has changed, which is driving their enterprise to change, which necessitates a change in how they think about and implement security. They need a global security partner that looks at security as the great enabler, with the wherewithal and presence to deliver on promises, and the passion for delivering trust.

Tomorrow: The future isn’t some amorphous time that others will create. To get there, we’re helping our clients today build a world where catastrophes are taken off the table, where we no longer need passwords, where networks defend themselves, and where we can safely use all of the great technological advances to come without fear. Our Stealth(identity) is getting rid of passwords in favor of transparent risk scores that do the job better, without the hated hassle. Our Stealth(core) and Stealth(cloud) are delivering true software-defined security that can react in time to defend the network the face of the unknown, and Stealth(analytics) is delivering predictive analytics that help see the threats before they attack instead of after. We’re helping to build a great future together with our clients, one tomorrow at a time.

The past two years since our CEO Peter Altabef arrived have seen a tremendous transformation to stabilize Unisys’ finances, retool workforces, enhance offerings, and build trusted relationships with our clients. Our security group made up of very talented and hardworking people in consulting, products, managed services, and solutions—is proud to have done its part to give the company and our clients the confidence to work together in Securing Your Tomorrow.

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