Year in the Rear View Mirror: Part III

Security1 minute readDec 13th, 2011

Finally, I want to highlight Steve Vinsik and his post on Cyber Crime: How to Prevent an Attack and Mitigate Damage. Again, if you remember June time frame, and were following business news, there was a RSA SecureID hack.

While there was hype about the incident, Steve focused on immediate points enterprises should focus on working through.

  • Maintaining dialog with solution provider who is under attack
  • Preparing for an extended investigation
  • Informing user base
  • Evaluating internal systems

2011 was a year of unprecedented cybercrime. That is no hype. The scale, sophistication and frequency of cyber crime took most enterprises and governments by surprise.   The pressure will not let up in 2012. So, the question becomes is your enterprise ready for the road ahead? There are so many pathways to that question!

Unisys Security Straight will be here in 2012 to re-engage with you and begin our conversation on the road ahead. Predictions for 2012.

Thank you for your readership, and we welcome your blog topics for next year.

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