Year in the Rear View Mirror: Part II

Security1 minute readDec 13th, 2011

Last week I highlighted Jan Wiewiora and the “how’s” of Preventing Data Leaks Before They Occur.

This week I want to bring your attention to one of our most recent additions, Richard Bryant.  He is a passionate man on paper, and if possible to imagine, an even more passionate man in person. What is he so worked up about? –  Hacking threats, and the desire to demystify cyber crime. We had him sit down and talk us through The Six Biggest Hacks and How to Deal With Them.

In this three part series posted this September, Richard goes beyond describing the terminology. He spends time really helping us understand

  • Why that threat is even categorized as a threat
  • How hackers pull it off
  • Why the current IT model fails
  • How can you change the dynamics

If hackers are 42 steps ahead of enterprise security, Richard is a one man mission to help enterprises understand the business risk and solve their security challenges. Glad he is on our team!

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