What Good Are Social Media Security Policies If Nobody Knows About Them?

APAC Voices2 minutes readOct 11th, 2011

There’s been lots of talk about the need for organisations to develop policies and employee guidelines for appropriate use of social media in the workplace. These policies would address who is authorised to say what on the organisation’s official social media channels; whether employees can log onto personal social media during work hours and on company-owned IT; what they can say about their employer or clients on personal social media; appropriate behaviour and so on.

Today, almost half (46%) of organisations globally have published official social media guidelines.  We are also starting to realise that other corporate policies, such as those for recruitment, employee harassment, security and so on, need to be expanded to include social media.

The influx of consumer-style and employee-owned mobile devices into the workplace is also creating a mad scramble to ensure security and IT policies cover and manage the new threats that these devices bring.

But having guidelines and policies is only the first step.  What’s the point of them if employees aren’t familiar with them or understand the reasons they are needed?

The key is making your policies accessible and easy to understand.

Here’s a great example of using social media (YouTube) to educate employees about their social media policy and obligations.  It’s from the Department of Justice for the State of Victoria in Australia.

It’s one thing to have a policy.  It’s another thing to make sure employees are familiar with it. And I think these guys have got it right!

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