Unisys Switches on Security and Turns up the Tech at Invictus Games Sydney 2018

APAC Voices3 minutes readOct 19th, 2018

From 20 October 2018, 500 competitors from 18 nations will take part in 11 medal sports as part of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 for wounded, injured and ill service men and women, both active duty and veterans.

For Unisys in its role as the Official Information Technology and Cybersecurity Supporter, the Invictus Games present a unique opportunity to further our commitment to the defence community.

Unisys has long been committed to supporting both the technology infrastructure of defence services around the globe and employment opportunities for ex-military personnel.

Vision for the Invictus Games

While the legacy of the Invictus Games will continue long after the event has finished, the delivery of the Games will be over before we know it.

Ten weeks ago, the Unisys team started on-boarding 25 people a week, preparing all technical requirements from end user equipment set-up to a full IT, user and technology security implementation.

The goals for the Games are to deliver assets and services, all cloud based via the internet, securely and simply, but well.

The team’s people-focused, outcome approach, that delivers to the organiser’s needs, as opposed to just ticking off the SLA requirements, has also been an important part of the team’s ability to contribute to the success of the Invictus Games.

Come the Opening Ceremony, a core team of 200 HQ workers including Games officials, ICT support and volunteers will be up and running with Unisys, who will be using security expertise to control and harden the Invictus Games IT environment, including working in a public network across nine sporting venues.

The work undertaken by the Unisys team has furthered the Invictus Games’ IT set-up from Toronto and is a model that Unisys hopes to develop as a global blueprint that can be used during similar-style events around the world in years to come.

To help achieve this, more than 40 Unisys team members from across Australia, New Zealand, India and the United States are currently working on preparations for the Games and will then provide support across all events and venues for the duration of the Games.

The Unisys sprint spirit

These large-scale global events present an exciting and exhilarating scope because the majority of work is all achieved through forward planning; by the time the event takes place, the Unisys team will have been preparing for about ten weeks, for eight days of live action.

It’s the ability to have experts who can scale and adapt that provides the framework for success; as our clients breathe in and out, our support needs to expand and contract with them.

It has been a fast preparation to be ready for the Opening Ceremony, but our global team is energised by the idea of working on a project that supports and inspires a cause that helps so many.

Unisys can see the difference the power of the Invictus Games has on rehabilitation and we are proud to be a part of an initiative that continues to heal, support, inspire and encourage injured and wounded military personnel.

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