Sometimes the Best Offense is a Good Defense

Executive Insights4 minutes readJun 12th, 2019

In many sports, having a good defense can be as important as having a strong offense: it can make the difference between a championship-caliber team and a last-place finisher. A strong security defense has never been more critical at a time when criminals are continually finding new ways to steal more than our money: they are taking our data, our safety and now – as you will soon see – some of our favorite forms of entertainment as well.

In evaluating the data from the 2019 Unisys Security Index™, which was just released today, it shows that security concerns remain at a historically-high level around the world. Since its inception in 2007, the Unisys Security Index has provided a statistically-robust measure of concern about security in four major categories: national, financial, internet and personal. Through these findings, we both gain invaluable insights into consumers’ security concerns and establish a foundation to focus on creating services and solutions to best address crimes targeting the identities, money, safety and private data of people around the world.

Nearly all consumers globally (99%) are at least somewhat concerned about at least one security area affecting their lives both online and off, and more than half (54%) are concerned with all areas.

With global media coverage of data breaches and hacking scandals involving the personal and financial data of millions of consumers on the rise, data security concerns drive the increase in concern that this year’s Unisys Security Index reveals. For the third year in a row, Identity Theft and Bankcard Fraud rank as the top two security concerns of the eight security threats measured by the index. More than two-thirds of the global consumers surveyed said they are seriously concerned (i.e., “extremely” or “very” concerned) about Identity Theft (69%) and Bankcard Fraud (66%).

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Because large-scale attacks around the world have risen in recent years, we took this year’s index as an opportunity to understand people’s fears surrounding their perceptions of event safety around the world.

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At such events, more than half (57%) of respondents are seriously concerned that a criminal attack may affect attendees, with the highest concern among consumers in the Philippines (86%), Malaysia (75%) and Colombia (74%).

Globally, consumers are as fearful of having their personal data stolen as being physically harmed at these events, with 57% seriously concerned about having their personal data stolen when using public Wi-Fi at large events and 59% seriously concerned about having their credit card data stolen. Concerns are highest in Latin America, where nearly seven in 10 consumers were seriously concerned about the security of personal data (69%) and their credit card data (71%) being stolen at large events.

These results raise the question of how government public safety agencies, event organizers and others must address the broad array of concerns raised by consumers. There are tangible steps these organizations can take:

  • Continue to move toward adoption of a zero-trust security model that assumes all network traffic is a potential threat.
  • Understand that people’s actions to address concerns are as important as defensive technology.
  • Address the risk associated with the growing number of devices in and around the enterprise and the places to which employees are taking them.
  • Protect clients and prospects like you by establishing irrefutable identities using biometrics and other advanced technology.

Anything short of championship-caliber security vigilance is not an option, given how much time we spend online, how much our lives depend on protecting our data and the high risk of having personal information compromised when we make an online purchase or swipe our debit card at the gas station.

Please take a few moments and check out our new 2019 Unisys Security Index site. From this site, you can access survey results, view subject matter expert videos and review data that is both global and country-specific from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, the UK and the U.S.

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