Security Straight Talk: Cracking the Code at The Security Intersection of Cyber and Physical

Security3 minutes readSep 6th, 2011

Letter from the Editor

12-week Conversation on Securing a Borderless Enterprise: Join Us!

A global team of Unisys Security experts and consultants invite you to this twelve-week long blog conversation that examines trends that breaches the neat physical and digital enterprise borders that used to work.

What’s a Borderless Enterprise?

We live in the world of a growing Cloud; misplaced corporate mobile devices; leaking valves of sensitive customer data; “42-steps” ahead hacktavists; Our enterprises are more porous than ever before. The question really is less about if there is a borderless, and more about what will it take to secure this borderless enterprise?

Intersection of Physical and Cyber Security

The complication is that most physical and digital perimeters that we once protected are now porous. That means we live in a world where it is not a matter of if our networks/locations will be compromised (on anything), it is a question of when and if we were able to minimize damage (risk). This conversation of risk is sometimes subtle, and yet, an elephant in the room large enough to freeze several related economic opportunities in an organization.

A Borderless Enterprise to you could mean…

  1. An executive in your organization showed up with an iPad. Now your IT team’s hair is on fire trying to figure out this “consumerization of IT” trend
  2. Your organization has made the tough mental jump to the “cloud”. Now, how are your peers creating security rules of engagement in this space?
  3. You keep a watchful eye on the latest cybercrime that has spared neither governments nor large banks. You are no dummy, and are aware more needs to be done to stay off the headlines.
  4. The Palm Treo 650 (2004 model) picture haunts your security training presentations, and you know it’s a scary reflection of risky outdated policies. You don’t need more mobiles devices, data centers and government regulations to tell you policies get stale in shorter bursts than before.
  5. You recognize that to beat cybercrime we need the same level of international collaboration that criminals enjoy. No single institution can withstand such waves of innovative cyber attacks. So, how should yours participate in the global dialog?

In this blog we aim deconstruct some of those risk factors. We commit to bringing you valuable stories/ lessons learned on the most disruptive IT organizational trends that we see creating a more porous, borderless enterprise.

At the End of 12 Weeks: All Blog Subscribers will Receive … A Detailed Report: Securing the Borderless Enterprise Blog.

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