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Security1 minute readJan 26th, 2011

IT leadership should keep their eyes on cyber security headlines this month, understanding that the need for effective solutions for securing their information grows more real each day. Recent articles from security media are crystallizing the threats posed by cyber criminals into the top concerns that every organization is compelled to pay attention to. Read on for the details.

The Guardian discusses findings of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development study: Hackers will not be deterred by UK cyber defences, report warns

GCN outlines the personal and global risks posed by cyber criminals: 5 cyber threats to watch out for this year

Schneier on Security shares an unsettling account of investigators who used fake badges to access highly secured government and commercial facilities: The Security Threat of Forged Law-Enforcement Credentials

PCWorld tells the C-level what security issues they should be addressing today: 7 Cyber Crime Facts Executives Need to Know

Computerworld reports on the damage that can be done by IT insiders who aren’t properly vetted or monitored: Security fail: When trusted IT people go bad

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