Mobile Security for the Enterprise

Security3 minutes readOct 10th, 2013

The growing use of smartphones at work and the need to implement BYOD means enterprise mobility is now a crucial business requirement. Forrester predicts that by 2016, 350 million employees will use smartphones at work, out of which over 50% will be employee-owned¹. This, undoubtedly, is great for productivity and helps organizations gain a competitive advantage.

Mobility can be a Double-Edged Sword

However, this advancement in enterprise mobility is keeping cyber criminals busy and security pros up at night — and understandably so. The pressure is mounting on organizations to protect sensitive data from malware and breaches. What’s alarming is that McAfee Labs counted 36,699 mobile malware samples in early 2013; astounding figures, considering only 792 samples were recorded in all of 2011². Are we surprised then, to see organizations hesitate to implement mobility or make sensitive information available to mobile users?

Winning the Security Battle

Enterprise mobility has its challenges. But that shouldn’t deter you from encouraging BYOD or embracing mobility. Although there are numerous mobile security solutions available today, typical security approaches have flaws. Merely mobile device management (MDM) or mobile application management (MAM) will not suffice. Winning the security battle demands an innovative approach. An ideal solution should secure the entire data path – one that begins in the data center and extends all the way to the mobile application. This approach mitigates both internal and external threats. It’s not just the holistic nature of mobile security that’s important – what’s crucial is how you protect your most valuable business assets. In today’s vulnerable environment, proactively cloaking communication endpoints is an effective way to remove targeted assets from attack vectors. Coupling that approach with secure, identity-based “need-to-know” access dramatically improves your risk management posture. With your valuable business assets and data secure, it then becomes a matter of simply extending this level of identity-based security to mobile applications. The good news is that the new Unisys Stealth for Mobile solution does all of this and more. Our unique approach to mobile security is changing the way executives across many vertical industries think about facilitating access to the data center while feeling confident and assured that their business assets and corporate data are well protected. Enterprises can use Stealth for Mobile for online banking or could offer security-as-a-service to expand their offering portfolio, among many other uses. As for external threats that could result from accommodating BYOD scenarios and third-party devices in the workplace, a stronger, more secure solution is here – one that gives you the control and protection you need in a mobile environment that appears to be uncontrollable and vulnerable.

¹ Forrester Research – “Mobile is the New Face of Engagement”
² McAfee research – “Mobile Malware Growth Continuing in 2013”

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