Is the Cloud Secure?

Security1 minute readFeb 21st, 2011

When talking about moving applications, data, and users to the cloud, security is always the first concern. IT leaders proposing a cloud computing strategy have to deal with two seemingly conflicting facts: (1) the cloud is not secure, and (2) the cloud is secure.

The truth is, the cloud is as secure as your IT organization makes it. Reaping the cost-saving and productivity benefits of cloud computing requires an investment in securing the platform, and understanding how to assess if a third-party provider’s platform is secure. Business leaders worried about the security of their data in the cloud should remember that they’ve been trusting, saving, and storing their personal financial assets in an external, private banking cloud for years.

Data security and its first cousin, service reliability, are serious issues, and there is an evolving body of procedures and technologies that successfully address them. Michael Hugos addresses them both in this exclusive excerpt from his new book, “Business in the Cloud.”

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