Beyond the Hype of Consumerization of IT, Part III: We Are Ready To Deploy!

Security3 minutes readOct 6th, 2011

Review IT Architecture. Check.
Determine Who’s Getting Access To What Device. Check.
Reviewed Governance And Lay Out Strategy. Check.

Now what? Bridge the IT and Employee Gap

By now you’ve found out that a great part of your employees were already using personal devices to access corporate information.  And likely, you were hopping mad.  Look at it this way – This is a great opportunity for you to bring those early adopters into the fold and make them your test group.  This approach often help’s bridge the gap between IT and the employees.  IT underestimates personal device use by 50% or more, according to the IDC-Unisys Consumerization Study conducted with 2,659 iWorkers and 564 businesses in 9 countries.

Pilot Groups that Represent Each Division and Type of Work

Selecting pilot groups that represent each division and type of worker will guarantee greater success in your program and give you better lessons learned.  This is the phase of the project that will help you refine your approach, introduce technology enhancements, and give you a change to be sure your policies are covering the liability.

No Measurement. No Success to Prove.

An area often overlooked is the ability to measure the success of the program.  Plan to lay out the right number in business terms that you can present to the board or executives.  By taking a methodical approach to this technology trend you should also enhance your security while increasing employee satisfaction.  And most importantly you can focus your resources on the business or mission critical data.

IT LockDown is not a Strategy. But You Are Allowed to Say No.

Something else to remember is not every device is not ready for the enterprise and you will have to say no if you can’t ensure the security of the endpoint.  For instance some devices can’t accept a PKI certificate and if that’s your policy you have to make decision based on the possible risk.  Consider publishing the requirements or specification that a personal devices needs to meet to participate in your Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) program.  It will go a long way in customer satisfaction.

At Unisys, we are practicing what we preach. My colleagues and I will be back to discuss our own movement in Secure Mobility and Consumerization of IT. Where is your organization on this path of mobilizing your employees?

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