At a Glance: America’s Top Security Concerns

Security1 minute readMay 18th, 2011

Unisys has been conducting the bi-annual Unisys Security Index since 2007 to gauge consumer security perceptions around the world. In the United States, we interview more than 1,000 consumers every six months, providing a huge amount of data about Americans’ perception of various security issues. It’s sometimes hard to wade through all the data and glean the key trends, and so this year we thought we’d create our first-ever Unisys Security Index infographic to provide a graphical view of our findings.

Here it is. Just click the image to enlarge it, and please feel free to share the permalink with your personal and business networks. If you’re a blogger, you have the right to feature this on your blog without asking for our permission, provided you credit Unisys for the chart. The infographic nutshells the entire constellation of the U.S. information. In moments you’ll have an understanding of the top-line issues, and then you’re free to slice and dice all the data on the Unisys Security Index website.