33 – How Security Practices Impact Employee Experience part 3: The Future


Episode 3 in our three-part series is here! In each episode, we’ve looked at how corporate security practices affect our workplace experience – especially the experience of remote workers. In part 1 of this series, Mark Pesce, the host of The Next Billion Seconds Podcast and Leon Sayers of Unisys revealed the gaps that exist between what enterprises expect vs. what remote workers are actually doing regarding securing their remote office. Then in part 2 Mark and Gergana Winzer looked at how we can bridge these security gaps through training. In this third and final episode, Mark Pesce interviews David Chadwick, the global Director for Identity and Biometrics at Unisys about what we can expect in the near future regarding the use of biometrics and their impact on privacy. You can read the global Unisys Security Index™ Report here: unisyssecurityindex.com. And check out Mark’s analysis of how our security concerns have evolved in Reflecting on 15 years of security insights – what does the future hold? A futurist’s view…

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Weston Morris

Weston Morris leads the Unisys Digital Workplace Solutions Strategy Think Tank. He is also the creator and host of the Digital Workplace Deep Dive podcast and is a contributing host for the XLA.TV series.