29 – Happy Workers = Happy Customers? 4 Expert Tips to Make it Happen

Digital Workplace Deep Dive2 minutes readOct 14th, 2021

It is almost too easy to find studies showing that a great Employee Experience (EX) leads to a great Customer Experience (CX). It is much harder to, first, deliver a great work experience to your employees, and secondly, deliver a consistently great experience to your customers. In this episode, the author of 4 books on customer experience and host of The Agile World podcast, Greg Kihlström, shares practical tips from the 180 experts whom he’s interviewed in his podcast. For our interview, Greg has narrowed down that list of 180 experts to the four best stories that can help us quickly refine our customer experience strategy today:

  • Gartner’s Augie Ray reveals a top-notch method he learned at USAA to train new employees so that they are personally motivated to help customers.
  • Marriott’s CHRO, David Rodriguez has created a central customer experience program that cleverly enables each region to customize the customer experience per regional needs.
  • Renowned author, Shep Hyken shows us the undeniable connection between the best companies to do business with and the highest rated companies to work for.
  • Medallia’s Dushyant Mitra shares the details that we are all looking for – how to actually measure experience and make the connections between what our employees experience inside the office and what our customers experience externally.

Once you’ve listened to the podcast, you will no doubt want to find out more about improving your customer’s experience. You can find Greg’s books and full podcast episodes at theagile.world. You may find it helpful spending a few minutes perusing www.unisys.com/digitalworkplace to see the latest innovations in the use of AI, automation and merged reality. I assure you; it is time well spent.

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