26 – Ouch! Avoid These 4 XLA Mistakes. Please!

Digital Workplace Deep Dive1 minute readAug 24th, 2021

Part 2 of our series on XLAs reveals 4 mistakes that enterprises make in rolling out an experience management program. Neil Keating, co-founder, and Chief Experience Officer of Bright Horse gives real-world examples of these 4 mistakes – and how to avoid them. Do you see any of these mistakes in your organization?

  1. KPIs that have nothing to do with experience.
  2. Mismatched expectations about what an experience management tool can/cannot do.
  3. Using surveys the wrong way.
  4. Not making the right organizational changes and/or not having the right level of senior leadership involved.

To find out more about how to have a successful rollout of an experience management program that may include XLAs, please see Neil’s additional suggestions and tips at https://www.brighthorse.co.uk. For more information on how digital workplace transformation is having a real impact on enterprises of all types around the world, please visit www.unisys.com/digitalworkplace.

If you missed the first episode in this series on XLAs, click here.

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