21 – Is a Bad Tech Experience Causing Your Employees to Quit?

Digital Workplace Deep Dive1 minute readApr 13th, 2021

Are your employees looking for work elsewhere because of a poor technology experience? How can you really know what your workers feel about their work experience? Sami Kallio, CEO and founder of Happy Signals may have the answer – a clever, painless way to measure employee experience that results in happier, more productive workers. He can back this up with data. For the last five years, he has produced the Happiness Score Report – a quarterly study of almost 1 million employee survey responses from 130 countries. In this episode of the podcast, Sami shares what he’s learned by answering these three questions:

  1. How do I measure experience?
  2. What all is included in a worker’s experience?
  3. How do I translate a great experience to real value?

Enjoy the podcast, and then read “The Practical Guide to XLAs” on the Happy Signals website.

Then, discover the innovations that Unisys is bringing to digital worker experience at our Digital Workplace microsite.

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Weston Morris leads the Unisys Digital Workplace Solutions Strategy Think Tank. He is also the creator and host of the Digital Workplace Deep Dive podcast and is a contributing host for the XLA.TV series.