18 – How Much More Money Does My Company Make When I Am Happy?

Digital Workplace Deep Dive1 minute readOct 13th, 2020

What is the connection between employee experience and company profitability and growth? How do we get the benefits of standardization and diversity at the same time? The growing interest in ‘experience’ (both for employees and customers) is driving some interesting changes in how we deliver IT services. We’ve come a long way in standardizing and measuring IT services. How do we continue to get the benefits of that while also providing great experiences at work? Alan Nance, CEO of CitrusCollab and member of the team that created ITIL 1.0, shares his thoughts on the importance of End User Experience, choosing to replace the term "End User" with a more forward thinking term, "Prosumer". He reveals what we’ve learned about End User Experience during the pandemic – and in so doing, redefines what we must include as part of the Digital Workplace.

For more information on EUX and how to measure it, take a look at the blogs on the CitrusCollab site: https://citruscollab.com/blog

The CEO of Unisys, Peter Altabef, shares his view of EUX and how it is an integral part of the future of work in this blog: https://blogs.unisys.com/executiveinsights/end-user-experience-is-pivotal-today-and-its-the-future-of-work/

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