08-What Big Changes Can We Expect in the Service Desk?

Digital Workplace Deep Dive1 minute readMay 11th, 2020

In 2018, Tom Adams, the Unisys Director of Digital Workplace Services saw a major problem with how most Service Desks operate. Based on that, he created InteliServe™, which brings AI, analytics and automation to the service desk. But, Tom’s vision for InteliServe goes far beyond the service desk, with plans in 2020 to make it the engine for all aspects of the Digital Workplace, including Field Services! Tom also shares the one thing that Enterprises should do if they want to be successful in building out a Digital Workplace that really meets end user needs.

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Weston Morris

Weston Morris leads the Unisys Digital Workplace Solutions Strategy Think Tank. He is also the creator and host of the Digital Workplace Deep Dive podcast and is a contributing host for the XLA.TV series.