06-The Human Side of Working From Home

Digital Workplace Deep Dive2 minutes readApr 29th, 2020

Enterprises in every part of the world are figuring out the technology required to enable employees to work from home. But have we overlooked the human side of working from home? In focusing our energy in getting our technology secure, have we overlooked the need to help the human to be secure? In part 3 of this series on remote work, Mat Newfield shares with Weston Morris five human factors that are important to consider when enabling a work from home program. Mat shares insights regarding
– Which two organizations should be part of any work from home planning
– Security training for home workers
– How to create an easy to remember, yet complex password
– A great way to train users to recognize phishing attacks
– Thoughts on working from home while your kids are being home schooled and while other members of your family are also working from home
As a bonus, Mat explains how he uses the ‘Olympic Method’ to help the CISO move from being the ‘office of no’ to the ‘office of enablement’.

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