01 – How to Successfully Select Your Next Digital Technology

January 24th, 2020DW Deep Dive

Mergers and acquisitions often bring competing technologies to the enterprise. How do you successfully select the right technology? How can you use data to win out over emotion? What is one of the biggest pitfalls in selecting a new technology? Once you make a selection, how do you get everyone on board? Steve Palmucci, who has served as CIO at TiVo, CTO for Chubb Insurance and CIO for SunGuard, shares some insights into these questions. After a merger at TiVo, Steve had to decide which collaboration toolsets to use, knowing that whatever technology he selected, it was going to disappoint someone.

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Weston Morris

Weston Morris leads the architecture for Unisys End User Services. He has more than 25 years of systems analysis, design, integration, and software development experience.