Pavel Klimov

pavel_kilmovAs the General Counsel for Unisys for the entire UKMEA and CE region, Pavel Klimov is responsible for managing Unisys legal affairs across a huge geographical area, containing tremendous diversity, both of cultures and legal systems. Few people are as well placed to do the job with sensitivity and cultural awareness than Pavel, who was born in Moscow during the Soviet era, and who has already carried out senior management tasks on three continents.

Trained originally at the Moscow Aviation Institute, Pavel then supplemented his diploma in Information Science with law degrees and post-graduate qualifications in both Russia and England, culminating in a PhD awarded by the Moscow State University.

Pavel began his Unisys career at the Unisys Moscow office in 1994, first as a Customer Support Manager and then as Legal Counsel for Russia and CIS, before joining the Unisys legal department in the UK with responsibilities for the UK and Central and Eastern Europe regions. In 2005, Pavel moved to the other side of the world, becoming acting General Counsel for Australia and New Zealand, and then, at the start of 2006, being asked to carry out a range of special projects at Corporate HQ in Blue Bell.

Now back in London, Pavel brings deep knowledge of many different working environments, together with the intellectual mastery demonstrated, not just in his business career to date but also his academic achievements.


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