We’re In This Together

On Point2 minutes readOct 25th, 2013

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder delivered a compelling message today at the Michigan Cyber Summit, focused on the theme, “We’re all in this together” Not only did he deliver this important message, but he backed it up with action.

  • Michigan has a highly capable cyber range where the state and its partners can evaluate the effectiveness of cyber defenses.
  • The state has created a Cyber Civilian Corps which will be comprised of a volunteer group of cyber professionals to serve as a force multiplier to support the state in defending against cyber attacks.
  • The state has established information-sharing initiatives, including the Governor’s dashboard on cyber security and the multi-state information-sharing and analytics center.

The Governor shared an example of a successful phishing attack against the state but went on to assure the audience that the state has a strong cyber response strategy to successfully address such occurrences. It was refreshing to hear a Governor who was willing to admit something that security professionals know happens in every organization on a routine basis. This willingness to share cyber threat information is critical. ‘We’re in this together.”

Sharing information about cyber threats, attacks and especially response and remediation activities must be done. The sharing of threat intelligence information provides an exponential gain in our collective understanding of the cyber threats we all face on a daily basis.

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