Unisys’ Data Scientists Open the New Big Data Analytics Lab

On Point2 minutes readOct 17th, 2013

The Federal team of data scientists at Unisys has opened the company’s new Big Data Analytics Lab.

Already functioning, the lab’s team is evaluating technologies, algorithms and approaches to analytics across all types of data – large and small. As part of lab efforts, the team is also publishing blogs about technology trends, approaches, challenges and lessons learned as they work on multiple types of analytics across many domains. The first of these blogs, A Roadmap for Building a Robust Data Analytics Environment, outlines nine steps for creating a flexible, scalable and reliable data analytics environment, tightly integrated within existing data architecture.

The lab builds on Unisys’ global expertise across multiple domains in IT service management; air passenger and air cargo logistics; weather; and server technology to provide analytics expertise across a range of technical areas including:

  • Data discovery and analysis
  • Pattern detection and recognition
  • Constraint programming and optimization
  • Information extraction and text mining
  • Data mining at large.

Seeking new challenges and problems to solve, the lab team is investigating:

  • Predicting server failure across global infrastructures
  • What-if analysis using optimization for IT service costs
  • Large-scale matrix computation
  • Automation of manual data entry processes

What analytics problem are you trying to solve? We welcome feedback on real world data issues challenging enterprises.

The lab team looks forward to publishing useful and regular results about use cases, new architecture and vendor assessments.

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