Federal Data Center Optimization: Data Center Infrastructure Management

On Point2 minutes readAug 27th, 2014

Federal agencies have been mandated to consolidate data centers and take a “cloud first” approach to workload placement.  Meanwhile, budget constraints are driving the need for more efficient data centers.  To meet mandates and drive efficiencies, accurate and detailed IT asset and infrastructure information is required.  This information is central to data center consolidations, optimizations and cloud migrations.

In 2010, Unisys was seeking a consolidated toolset for optimizing its global data centers.  At the same time, Gartner had coined the term “Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)” for a category of software products developed to facilitate data center optimization via capacity planning and management.   Using analyst research, the Unisys team developed a comprehensive list of DCIM vendors and began a 12- month evaluation process culminating in several vendors participating in proof of concepts (POC).

Out of a broad field of vendors, Unisys chose Rackwise’s DCiM X because of its technical capabilities , ease of use and licensing model.  The business case was based upon projected savings from eliminating unused assets consuming rack space, energy and requiring license fees.  Unisys achieved a rapid return on investment (ROI) by discovering and retiring just 5 percent of its data center assets.

Impressed by these real-world results, Unisys developed a practice in Federal Systems to help agencies optimize their data centers using DCIM best practices.  The core of our strategy was to enter into an exclusive multi-year agreement with Rackwise, along with making a significant investment  in training, solution development, and lab build-out.  In January 2014, Unisys launched its DCIMg offering, powered by Rackwise.

Over the last 9 months, we’ve made significant progress in making the Federal market aware of the Unisys DCIM practice. Recent POCs have confirmed our belief that the Unisys DCIMg offering, powered by Rackwise, is the premier DCIM solution for data center optimization.

In future blog posts, we’ll discuss how DCIMg is not only a software solution for capacity planning and management with a rapid ROI, but also an integrated approach to governance and compliance with Federal mandates. In the meantime, please enjoy the following whitepaper entitled, Data Center Infrastructure Management: Optimization through Orchestration, written by our practice manager, Mark Bruneman.

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