Meet the Accelerating Consumerization of IT Head On for Competitive Advantage

November 14th, 2011Mobility

As iWorkers are increasingly driving technology adoption of numerous devices and applications within their organizations, we are seeing the need among our clients to transform their IT infrastructure to address the requirements of supporting these new computing models.  While it’s relatively easy for an iWorker to juggle multiple device platforms in his or her personal life, it is significantly more challenging when you consider the needs of an enterprise IT department.

Many of these corporate environments are currently running decade old operating systems – in some cases even older – so embracing multiple platforms and devices poses a significant challenge when it comes to managing the interoperability of these diverse systems.  The IT executives we surveyed in our recent consumerization of IT research, 2011 Consumerization of IT Study: Closing the “Consumerization Gap”, are well aware of this fact.  In fact, 77 percent of them believe transformation within their data center environments is a key component of their ability to support the consumerization trend.

It’s evident that, just as consumerization of IT is here to stay, so too are the difficulties this multi-platform trend poses to enterprise IT departments. As my colleague Nick Evans wrote in a Computerworld article on this year’s research, Consumerization of IT: Lessons for enterprise applications:

“Quite simply, the consumerization of IT is a disruptive trend, and the best way to meet a disruptive trend is head-on, anticipating the changes it will bring and exploiting those changes for competitive advantage.”

Here at Unisys, we are uniquely positioned to address the consumerization- related support issues head-on.  Our clients tap our expertise to build IT environments that can adapt and change to new technologies in real-time. As new devices and platforms continue to gain popularity in the enterprise, this flexibility and scalability will be a must for organizations looking to adapt to the consumerization trend.

Another area of concern outlined by the IT executives we surveyed is the introduction of social media channels into the enterprise (see Figure 1). Again, this is an area in which we can help.  With a robust security model in place, organizations are much more likely to feel confident in granting access to various social media environments, knowing that the integrity of their data center infrastructure will be maintained.

Figure 1

Four years ago the iPhone did not exist, three years ago the Android wasn’t on the market and tablets weren’t introduced until 2010.  And we’ve seen how popular these platforms are amongst today’s workforce (see Figure 2).  To keep up with iWorkers’ adoption curve, it’s imperative that IT take steps now to address the technology requirements for consumerization.  And, doing so the right way will ultimately work to your competitive advantage.

Figure 2