Michael Salsburg

Thanks for checking out my profile.  I am the Chief Architect for Unisys cloud solutions.  I have been fascinated by computing and automation since I was 14.  So, you could say that I’ve been in the “business” for well over forty years.

My career at Unisys has taken a lot of twists and turns.  You could say I’m a recidivist.  I worked for Unisys from 1982 to 1990.  I left Unisys to create my own company called Performance and Modeling.  As a consultant, I worked with Unisys and other companies to model computer performance and predict its impact on application service level objectives.

Before I left, I was the architect for all Unisys performance products.    My company was bought by a rising star in Silicon Valley, for whom I served as CTO and corporate officer.

In 2002, I returned to Unisys and have continued pursuing the idea that computing should be focused on optimal delivery of services to the business.  Infrastructure based on cloud concepts provides the foundation to achieve this goal.  I have written over 60 papers on these concepts and presented them throughout the world.

In addition to my passion for computing, I am an active musician, playing in the Philadelphia area.  You can check out my videos and music clips at www.msalsburg.com

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