Julie Hurley

Julie Hurley is Global Director in Enterprise Solutions and a life sciences industry strategist. She has nearly 20 years of experience in Pharma/Life Sciences having worked directly for life sciences companies, as well as professional services firms. Julie has consulted nationally and internationally for major pharmaceutical, biotechnology and devices organizations in the areas of strategic planning, industry best practices, and implementation planning for pharmacovigilance processes and systems, preclinical/clinical systems, regulatory affairs/risk mitigation, electronic document management, electronic submissions and labeling systems, program operations management, and manufacturing functions. Julie is closely associated with the ActiveInsights™ PharmaTrack solution and works closely with pharmaceutical companies and supply chain providers to address the key pain points in pharma logistics. Julie holds a patent in Genomic Sequencing for Clinical Trials, and has published several white papers, advertorial and PoVs. She has also presented at industry conferences such as IIR and KPMG and participated in PhRMA, HL7 working groups and the Pistoia Alliance.

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