Jeremy Lehman

Jeremy Lehman leads client relationships and analytic product development for the Analytics business. He guides clients achieving growth and reinventing processes through analytics, and translates business needs into machine learning solutions.

Jeremy has pioneered several business applications of analytics. For investment banks and hedge funds, Jeremy led teams creating alpha-generating models for systematic trading; algos to limit transaction costs; and led development of an innovative risk management platform providing a near real time, unified view of exposures (greeks) across equity-linked asset classes. For retail banks and ecommerce companies, he led design of new techniques to predict consumer behaviors and to attribute cause and effect between digital marketing events and consumer actions. Technical firsts included contributing to the first columnar, compressed, shared-nothing database, which later formed the basis for Amazon RedShift; leading development of the then-largest commercial high performance computing grid (private cloud); and leading investment in the company that invented container computing for green datacenters.

Jeremy joined Unisys from Experian, where he served as EVP, Global Product Development responsible for client service, product, technology, and operations for Marketing Services. Previously, he served as CTO for Global Equities at Citigroup, where he also led investing in fintech and market structure ventures and growth equity; and as CTO for Investment Management at Thomson Reuters, where he collaborated with Unisys to deploy one of the first commercial 64 bit databases. Earlier, Jeremy was with Microsoft and Deloitte Consulting.

Jeremy began his career as an infantry officer with the US Army. He holds BBA and MBA degrees from University of Miami, and completed the Advanced Management Program (AMP185) at Harvard Business School.

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