What are Secured Services?

October 6th, 2016ITSM

With security issues being top of mind of everyone these days, it is time that the traditional Service Management professionals also adopt a strong security mindset and to work across the aisle with the Security Operations team to strengthen the protection of core assets and data.

According to a recent Harvard Business School article; “Bad guys want what you value most, what we call your business crown jewels. Identify the most valuable systems and date, and then give them the strongest defenses and the most frequent monitoring.”

We could not agree more. Watch this All Things ITSM video podcast where Andrew Harsch, Global Director of Service Management and SIAM Solutions at Unisys, describes the new concept of “Secured Services,” which leverages the vertical service mapping provided by Discovery with the security aspects of micro-segmentation provided by Unisys Stealth to create a more secure service portfolio.

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