The Power of Information; Big Data Analytics for ITSM

April 16th, 2015ITSM

Unisys recently announced several new services as part of our Edge Service Management Portfolio, one of the most exciting is Unisys Big Data Analytics.

This new service provides a business ready analytics framework in the cloud that goes beyond traditional reporting and dash-boarding capabilities and brings to clients the power of new big data analytics.  These new services allow IT operations leaders to tap into the full potential that modern service management platforms can provide when the data is integrated and unlocked from other existing systems.  It also provides the basis to create your own internal “data as a service” set of offerings to provide to other parts of the business without having to build out your own data infrastructure, hire a cadre of data scientists and spend the next 2 years developing these capabilities.  With Unisys Big Data Analytics, all of this is ready to be utilized today and to start digging into the data.

Unisys Big Data Analytics offers powerful tools that provide the ability to build predictive models using machine learning algorithms, to work with large data sets to identify business trends.  They also shed operational insight, create new revenue channels, and reduce costs and inefficiencies.

Once data is ingested into our analytics platform our data scientists deliver easy to understand data which yields business and operational insight into the performance of the business, IT operations or other selected areas. This data brings intrinsic business value and allows the creation of a variety of business views to predict different outcomes.

This big data framework is powered by the Unisys Analytics Platform running in the cloud and providing immediate access to “analytics as a service” for quick integration with multiple large data sets and either the ServiceNow Enterprise Cloud Platform, the Edge SaaS ITSM platform or BMC Remedy.

Clients can get started immediately with our ready-to-go service management Data Products library that can be provide immediate predictive analytics for key service management areas such as volume forecast, ticket resolution optimization and many others. Additional custom data sets and outcomes can be created based upon client needs.

Get started today by engaging with us on a quick-turn proof-of-concept that is usually delivered in as little as three weeks

To learn more about the Power of ITSM; Information, Technology, Service and Management, access our eBook on the topic, The Power of ITSM; and for more insight, download our whitepaper, ITSM-Not by the Book.

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