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March 9th, 2016ITSM

Service Management Hits Home

Or why your IT department is like my home office

Recently I made the offhand comment about writing a piece on the “IT mess” and was immediately scolded by a colleague who said I should not describe an IT department as a mess. But then today it hit me that that characterization is not necessarily a slam. It may just be a reality. And the realization came this morning as I thought that your IT department may be like my office – a mess but still efficient. Efficient but not optimal.

I work from a home office. As I was writing another piece this morning, my wife came in and asked me to do several other things immediately. .

When I said that I was in the middle of a priority task   I received the look of death, and decided to drop what I was doing and investigate the request If I didn’t have new requests coming in I could really get some work done. How many of you also think this every day. And my suggestion of writing out the list was met with a harrumph and departure.

This was my “aha moment”.

Another unsatisfied end user. If I had a service request portal and management system in place, my wife could have entered in the request, classified it (“not immediate, but I expect it done this weekend”) and submitted it. I would have received it and could have completed my current task. Then, looking at the queue and seeing no other items, or none of similar importance, I could have judged the time to accomplish and then knocked it out. She would have received a notification that the list was in progress and then complete, thus achieving my SLA. And in this case, it is not so much an agreement as an expectation. .

So that got me thinking what else?

Earlier in the week we were in the process of refinancing our house. We knocked out all the massive required documentation. The lender asked for copies of the paperwork from the previous refi we’d done in 2003. That’s nearly 13 years ago. Storage! Drat! . Yes I have it stored, but it is literally in storage. So now that will require a trek to the storage unit in search of the container. Now if I had a more efficient inventory and storage system, I would know exactly where the documents were. Better yet, I could have scanned the doc and had it available in the cloud. Think home CMDB, mapping and cloud storage.

The invasion of BYO

Our household now has 3 iPods, 2 iPads and 2 iPhones . How did that happen? And where did all those games come from on my phone? The mobile devices have overtaken the ranch and one of the end users is chewing through games at an alarming rate. And are these apps approved?? Good thing they are helping my smallest end-user learn letters and numbers, and he has almost figured out the password to download the apps himself. I keep getting sticker stock each month when I see the iTunes charges on my credit card, so I too have had cloud sprawl, shadow IT, apps and devices run amok. And both of my end-users are always asking me for support. “Hey!” I say.” I just bought the devices – I don’t know how to fix them!” So perhaps it is time for the home BYO program. If the devices are yours, you pay for them and support them. If Dad has to do it, we need some guardrails. And maybe Apple Care.

Dealing with Legacy and outdated technology

One of the other issues our home “help desk” gets are requests and complaints about the current technology being deployed. The phone’s battery is not lasting, the VDR is out of storage again and those 33 RPM things you call albums are taking up too much space.

Spending time with end users

One of the great things of working from home is that you get to see your kids. One downside of working from home is that your kids get to see you. And a 7 year old does not understand the difference between work and play time. If it weren’t for all these client requests we could actually get some work done right?

And I need to spend more time with my little end user. It is tough when you spend all day just trying to keep up with the current work load. We don’t spend enough time during the day just talking and brainstorming about new ideas.

We don’t spend enough time with our clients, our customers and our stakeholders. So I need to get a better handle on the day to day grind so I can free up a few more hours just to spend time with him and just like Pooh, we will “think, think, think”.

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