Metrics that Matter: Perfecting the Balance of People, Systems and Services

October 7th, 2015ITSM

To keep a digital business running 24/7, you need solid insight into how your service, systems and even people are performing.

Focusing on increasing the level of insights you need in order to make balanced choices about your services KPIs and outcomes is essential. There is a delicate balance between relying on metrics and scorecards, combined with the use of business insights and analytics for service management to improve and speed decision making.

Join Richard Josey Solution Architect, Edge Service Management and established industry journalist Toby Moore. They will delve into the facets of service management and explore the effective measurement of service metrics and human behaviors in this webinar, where they take a fresh look at understanding user experience for service management, what insights can be gained in the process and the use of retrospective decisions to make proactive changes.

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