If You Can’t Beat Them Join them – Being Social with ITSM

December 31st, 2014ITSM

“Of the people, by the people, for the people” – this is the anthem of the modern business user and if you don’t chime in, you run the risk of being out of tune with your most important stakeholder! Social technologies are integral to modern workspaces and your IT department will be well-served by harnessing the capabilities they bring. So how exactly can ‘social’ add value to your ITSM processes? How can you better meet the expectations of your users by leveraging social technologies?

The ‘C’ that Matters

“I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they’re interested in” Bill Gates captured the power of communication in these words. This holds true for your IT service desk in more ways than one and this is exactly where social technologies can help. For one, communicating with your end user becomes a lot easier and cost-effective in a socially enabled support model. A ‘Tweet’ is all it takes to pass on an update about service downtimes. Status updates on Facebook can inform users in real-time that a network issue has been tackled. Your can expect to hear more from your users when communication happens via platforms they prefer and are comfortable with. This helps your IT department come closer to users and gauge how effectively they are catering to user needs. Be prepared for some honest feedback, not all of which will be positive. On the flip side, this could also translate into early alerts about service issues from users, which help your service desk address them before they spiral out of control. In essence, the reach and impact of communication multiplies manifold when your IT service desk embraces social technologies.

The “Self-Help” Way

The new age user prefers crowdsourcing to service tickets. Period. Social technologies enable users to connect with each other freely and find answers to technical issues which hamper their work. When effectively managed, these forums provide support in the language of the user, promoting self-help and resulting in faster resolution and reduced  support costs. This could only mean good news for your service desk. Your IT department does not need to feel left out. The rich and dynamic knowledge base created by multiple conversation threads is a gold mine from which support desk personnel can draw from. New agents can become effective quickly utilizing this treasure trove of knowledge while mature support staff can identify trends and address issues proactively. These repositories can also minimize the impact of knowledge and experience drain when your service agents move to other positions within or outside your organization.  No wonder they say, ”If you can’t beat them, join them!

Why ‘Social’ in ITSM?

Incorporating social technologies into the traditional service desk is not easy, but the benefits are too many to be overlooked. While better IT support and lower costs are a given, these are not the only positives. Real-time, personal interactions with your users, effective knowledge sharing, collaboration and self-help IT are some of the many capabilities that social technologies bring to your service desk. Essentially, they create a new culture focused on users and truly empowers them to be as productive as can be. Of course, the magnitude of change you need to bring about in your systems and processes will be huge. But change is not a bad word, albeit not a popular one. With discipline, experience, planning and the right tools you can manage this, and every change to achieve a positive outcome.

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