Digital Service Maturity

January 3rd, 2017ITSM

With IT organizations continuing to transition to being more digital, simply modernizing the technology landscape can leave gaps if people and processes are also not updated accordingly.

Knowing how to use new technology and leverage the new capabilities requires a proper inventory of people and processes to look for areas of automation and opportunities for integration to create a modern, secure, software-defined enterprise.

Joining us today to discuss these people and process challenges is Renee Casanova, Director of the Service Management Advisory Practice at Unisys. Renee will cover the following topics:

  1. How has the move to digital disrupted the people, process and technology disciplines?
  2. Are IT leaders aware of the gaps this disruption has created?
  3. What are some of the key areas IT leaders should be focusing on?
  4. How does an IT leader get a good handle on their current state and quickly implement a plan for the future?
  5. What is Unisys doing to assist IT leaders in this transformation?

Listen to “Digital Service Maturity” podcast.

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