Digital Service Management 2017: How Are We Doing?

April 19th, 2016ITSM

In this blog over the past two years we have been providing insight, ideas and predictions to assist your organization in “accelerating the shift” to implement Applied Service Management (the actual doing of the disciplines vs theory) and to move to create the Digital Service Management Framework necessary to support new digital services and to be, as we say, “Digital Ready”.

If, as we have discussed before, 2016 is the inflection point and the transformative year, what we do this year is the enabler to accelerate 2017-2020. Think of this as the Y2K2.0 moment for Service Management, with the clock ticking and 9 months left to make an impact. And believe me this time will be here and gone before we know it.

In late Q4 we conducted a quick poll and asked the market several questions around Digital Readiness and the underlying building blocks. We wanted to share and discuss some of those results.

Our first question was pretty high-level and open; Is your IT organization ready to support digital business?

Now we did not prescribe exactly what it meant to be digital; we wanted to see what people think when they look in the mirror and from this, people are feeling pretty good, with 40% saying they feel they have everything in place.


This seems a bit optimistic based upon several of the other factors we see when we are having strategic discussions with clients and as you will see from some of the additional questions in the survey. However we do not like to dampen folks’ enthusiasm.

The next two sections I feel a lot better about, with 32% of respondents saying they are not completely ready, but have the plans in place and 20% saying they are thinking about it. This seems to be a lot more realistic. So overall, all but 8% of people are at least moving forward. The 8% could be facing some serious challenges.

Our next question covered making the actual investments to support digital, and 59% of respondents said that they had made investments to support digital. An additional 15% said they had plans to in 2016.


Unfortunately 26% total said they either had no plans right now or were not investing.

This actually surpasses the previously mentioned 8% who are courting danger, or they have already made all their investments, everything is completely digital, totally automated and all of IT is run with the swipe right and tap. Probably not, but this was not a scientific study. The first part of the numbers are very encouraging and we here at Views from the Edge are glass-half-full people.

When asked, What are the primary digital business benefits your organization expects from the IT department? 33% percent of respondents expected decreased costs or improved revenue/margin/profits. OK, I can believe that because digital should help to lower your cost of delivering a unit of service.


The two answers that are really exciting are that 19% said that the business was expecting Innovation and 27% were looking for greater quality of service. This is encouraging because it correlates more towards making strategic investments to drive new functionality vs. keeping the lights on for lower costs.

We will be covering several of the underlying building blocks in subsequent blogs; however from these initial results, things are moving forward.

But as we all know, it is hard to turn plans into action, so do not hesitate to reach out to us to help you with this transformation. It is a lot easier when we meet with people who “get it”; they just need help in implementing things. We can help you translate these strategies into action, get a new digital service architecture in place, and implement, integrate and optimize the new Digital Service Management platform.

2016 is shaping up to be a very exciting and busy year.

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