Choosing the Right “Technology Sherpa” for Your Service Management Journey

June 12th, 2015ITSM

Climbing mountains such as Mt. Everest is a daunting task. Thankfully there are the Sherpas, members of an indigenous community who are highly skilled and experienced climbers and guides. They are paid to do things such as prepare the route, organize the equipment and educate and acclimate the climbers for the upcoming journey.

Why are we talking about Sherpas in a blog which deals with service management?

Well, designing, implementing, operating and managing a newly acquired service management solution is akin to a mountainous trek. It can be perilous if not well thought out, expensive when you list out all the equipment needed and time consuming if you have to retrace a route.

Choosing the right technology is only the first step on your journey to digital service management. You need to implement it effectively and use it strategically to reap the returns. Keeping abreast of all the technological advances occurring in the enterprise technology landscape can be overwhelming, let alone the tasks of sourcing, implementing, integrating and optimizing.

The right technology Sherpa or service provider, may just make your life a lot easier. Our eBook “Seven Reasons to Choose a Managed Service Provider to Modernize Your IT Operations” highlights some of the advantages of turning to an experienced partner for this journey. With a managed service provider, you can derive the benefit of the most up-to-date technology without doing all the work. You can spend more time thinking about how to take advantage of these technologies to improve your business.

We help you leverage your existing investments and provide the strategic guidance to continuously strategize and optimize increasingly complex and dynamic business services, processes, and relationships with the technical know-how to turn these into reality and real business services.

With the ability to focus on your business Instead of spending time on internal deployment and integration projects, you can focus more of your internal resources on your core business.

Unisys is service provider and partner who has been there, done that. We even provide you with the t-shirt.

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