Bridging the Divide between IT and the Business

October 12th, 2015ITSM

“Drop the IT from ITSM” recommends ITSM and Lean IT Consultant Daniel Breston in this quick chat with Richard Josey, Solution Architect, Edge Service Management. The disconnect between business and IT is a perennial challenge. Daniel recommends that to bridge this gap, IT needs to view things from a business perspective and communicate value in business terms. Terms like ‘solving incidents’ and ‘implementing changes’ should be replaced by ‘enabling business processes’ or ‘removing an obstacle’. IT also needs to connect with business at regular intervals, understand business priorities and key challenges and help apply technology to address these. That is when ‘IT folks’ qualify as true service management/ITSM professionals. Watch the video to listen to this interesting conversation, recorded at SITS 2015, London.

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