Accelerating Digital Transformation

October 4th, 2016ITSM

Each week I talk to an IT leader who during a moment of unguarded honesty will say: “I get it, I’m just not sure where to start.” And that in essence sums up the current hybrid IT environments that most people are living with. “I have a mixed bag of things, with limited visibility, scarce amounts of automation and little to no integration. Now what?”

Very few companies, unless they were just recently formed, had the luxury of creating their entire IT architecture and infrastructure from scratch in the cloud. So this means you are most likely still sitting on vast amounts of legacy infrastructure and tools and trying to plot a path forward, trying to understand exactly what you have and what it is costing you (that hidden TCO) and how to blend all of these resources into a planned roadmap that provides you with the outputs you need, the costs you must have, and the visibility that is no longer a “nice to have”.

To assist you in organizing your thinking and the various areas you need to consider, we created this Digital Readiness Survival Guide eBook. It’s an easy but powerful read on how to take a big picture view through the front windshield to your future while at the same time looking into the rear view mirror to better understand the areas you need to map, inventory, rationalize and then modernize to create the new digital service architecture of the future.

Let us know what you think and the strategists here at Unisys are ready to help you to transform to a more digital enterprise.

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