Is Your IT Ecosystem Safe?

Industry Transformations2 minutes readJul 14th, 2017

Is Your IT Ecosystem Safe?

There are several considerations in healthcare IT security and medical device management but the one making headlines these days is security. The recent WannaCry malware attacks, which perhaps were the first known instance of a malware attack on medical devices, were a rude wake up call to healthcare institutions and medical device manufacturers alike. Petya followed close on its heels, taking down computers across the globe, affecting several multi-nationals across industries and locations. Attacks on healthcare facilities and medical devices are no longer a work of fiction. It has happened, and there is nothing stopping it from happening again, unless of course, proactive measures are taken to secure the healthcare technology ecosystem. In a world of IoT and network connected medical devices, how exactly can you achieve this? Read on to know more.

Can Micro Segmentation Help?

Micro segmentation is a well-known security paradigm. It is based on the concept of zoning, or physically segmenting a network to isolate control systems from unrelated operations. Many security solutions leverage this principle. What is interesting is its relevance in countering malware attacks like WannaCry and Petya by limiting the attack surface. Using micro segmentation based solutions, healthcare institutions can tighten access around their network, devices and their data and enable the device manager to specify which devices and networks can communicate with each other. This way, they can form Communities of Interest (CoI) that cryptographically isolate vulnerable endpoints, making them virtually invisible to any other endpoint – internal or external – that is not part of their CoI, dramatically reducing the possibility of lateral attacks. It can also reduce the effectiveness of insider attacks by enforcing roles and responsibilities. The threat of exfiltration of operational data and intellectual property is dramatically reduced this way. Micro segmentation can therefore help minimize the occurrence and impact of malware attacks like WannaCry and Petya, providing a protective layer around your healthcare IT ecosystem.

Advanced Security via ActiveInsights MedDevice

ActiveInsights™ MedDevice is an integrated medical device solution that enables proactive management of medical equipment from a single point of truth. Apart from asset management, compliance and OEM integration, the solution delivers advanced security via Stealth™, a software solution based on the principle of micro segmentation. Click here to explore how MedDevice and Stealth can secure your healthcare IT ecosystem, while delivering multiple other benefits.

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