Is Your IT Ecosystem Safe? (Part 2)

Industry Transformations3 minutes readJul 21st, 2017

Medical devices are integral to any healthcare establishment and play a critical role in delivery of quality healthcare. With a large number of devices connected to the network, they are potential entry points for cybercriminals wanting to gain access to hospital networks. Not enough attention is typically given to securing the IT networks of healthcare facilities, including medical devices. The recent WannaCry and Petya malware attacks were a painful reminder of this fact. Now that the healthcare fraternity has woken up to the need for securing their IT networks, including medical devices, let’s look at some best practices.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

This age-old proverb still holds true in this scenario. Only, we are talking about patches, not stitches. Medical devices of today are often based on operating systems and specialized software provided by the manufacturer. Like all operating systems and software, they too need regular updates and patches for optimum performance and security. The patching process however could be onerous, both for the manufacturers of these medical devices and their customers. In case of embedded devices, this becomes even more complex. These complications result in patch delays and sometimes even complete omission of patch updates. This is also because many hospital administrators do not recognize the fatal consequences of using outdated software on the medical devices in their ecosystem. These devices are often in continuous use and will be unavailable for some time during the installation and testing of patches, adding to the unpopularity of regular firmware updates and patches. The fact remains, a medical device, which is not up to date in terms of software and security, is a weak link in your healthcare ecosystem.

Seamless Updates and Patches via ActiveInsights™ MedDevice

ActiveInsights MedDevice is an integrated medical device solution that enables proactive management of the entire ecosystem of medical devices in an ecosystem from a single point of truth. Apart from asset management, compliance and advanced security, the solution bridges medical devices to their manufacturers, and enables seamless firmware updates and patches via its OEM integration feature. Together with Stealth, the solution can go a long way towards securing your healthcare IT ecosystem.
Click here to explore how the combination of the two solutions can keep your IT network and community of medical devices up to date and enable them to put up a strong front in case of cyber-attacks, apart from delivering multiple other benefits.

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